Top Ten Television Friendships of 2012
Top Ten TV Friendships
I love friendships on TV. I love all types of relationships between people on televisions shows, but familiar relationships are usually given a ton of attention and romantic or adverse relationships are usually unstable to create drama, so I often judge shows by the quality of their inter-character friendships. I've tried to stay away from friendships between the two stars of the show because, well, because that is how I narrowed down this list and saying that Peter Franklin and Jared Bash are friends on a show called Franklin and Bash feels like cheating. I also left off some shows that are basically just groups of friends hanging out because when I tried to pick a best friendship out of those shows my head started to hurt. So basically, this is just a list of 10 friendships on TV that I like"¦but that is not a good name for a list.

10. Jess and Nick-New Girl

Ok, I know I said I was going to avoid shows where the premise is "hey, these people are friends, watch and see what happens," but New Girl does this so well that I couldn't pass it up. I think any number of pairings from the show could make the list-shout out to Schmidt, Winston and Cece, you guys rock-but Nick and Jess are my numero uno. This may be another friendship that is destined for something more, but for now I love to watch these two struggle with how to be really good friends with someone of the opposite sex. People say it cant be done, but Nick and Jess are doing it. Which is nice for them, because they don't seem to be very good at anything else.

9. Kurt and Rachel-Glee

Sometimes the friendship between Kurt and Rachel seems to be the only genuine thing on the show. I have no trouble believing that these former adversaries became besties by bonding over a love of show tunes and a desire to escape to the big city. Their aforementioned escape has been done incredibly well by Glee standards. Not everything comes easy, money is-sort of-an issue and they miss home like crazy, but they are both so excited to be doing what they love. When I watch their scenes together I can actually feel what they are feeling, which is what I often find is lacking in most of Glee's sloppy plot lines.

8. James Van Der Beek and Chloe-Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23

This show is really vapid. Not in a stupid, poorly thought out kind of way, but it just wants laughs and not much more and I am so on board. I don't care about June's search for fulfillment in New York, unless it leads to something hilarious like making out with Chloe's dad. What I do care about is how awesome it is that James Van Der Beek plays a caricature himself on the show and does it amazingly well. Who knows, maybe it isn't a caricature"¦that is even awesome-er. James' alter-ego gets along swimmingly with borderline-sociopath Chloe and every time I watch the show I want to be part of all of the amazing traditions that come out of their wacky, self-involved friendship.

7. Penny and Bernadette-The Big Bang Theory
The women on this incredibly popular show don't get enough credit. I love the nerdy guys, but nothing beats the Penny and Bernadette moments. This season, with Howard off in space for the beginning, Bernadette has had a lot more time to hang out with Penny and Amy. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the wonderful weirdness of Amy but she is even more inept at reading social cues than her beau Sheldon, and friends have to be a bit more in sync than Amy is capable of at the moment. My absolute favorite Penny and Bernadette gag is Penny's continuous disbelief, reflected by hilariously snide comments, that Bernadette actually loves super geek Howard.
6. Ali and Louis-Partners

Partners has already been cancelled, but that doesn't mean it never happened! It had it's faults, but it also had it's strengths and it's greatest strength was the bond between Louis and his best friend and colleague's fiancé, Ali. If you are an astute television viewer, you will have already noted that this is Sophia Bush's second appearance on this list. She is great and I would put her on a third time if she were in a third show that was on the air this year. Anywhoodle, Louis and Ali's relationship was plagued by stereotypes like the rest of the show but Michael Urie and Sophia Bush had such great chemistry that made their scenes together a joy to watch. I usually hate when anyone tries to interact with me while I'm getting my vinyasa on, but I would make an exception for the type of camaraderie shared by Louis and Ali during their yoga sessions.

5. Meredith and Christina-Grey's Anatomy

Screw McDreamy, Meredith Grey and Christina Yang are the heart and sould of Grey's Anatomy. These best friends have been through so much and each is the other's "person". All of their love interests had better accept that in some ways they will always be second fiddle, and to Derek's credit, he kind of has. Christina's move this season threatened to fracture their bond, but fear not! The two besties have had great conversations via phone and facetime that have driven a few of the seasons earlier episodes.
One major complaint about these two is how often then just seem to be talking about their own problems near each other and not really listening to he other. People who complain about this have clearly never had a best friend. One of the best things about an amazing friend is that they allow you to be a little bit selfish. For every scene where Christina and Mere sit side by side at a bar and talk into their tequilas about their own problems, we have a counterpart where they are looking directly at each other and hearing the hard truths that can only be said by best friends.

4. Haley and Brooke-One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill was the first TV show that I ever watched as it aired from its premiere to its finale. The first four seasons of the show helped shape the person I am today. The following three seasons were entertaining. The final two seasons were sometimes painful to watch. That being said, the one pairing that delighted me through all nine seasons was Haley and Brooke.
My beloved Sophia Bush, star of Partners-may-it-rest-in-peace, brought so much life to bratty cheerleader turned wonderful mother Brooke Davis and I still listen to some of the songs sung by the actress who played Haley. Together, they did it all. Haley sang, Brooke designed clothes, they supported boyfriends, then husbands, and even that whiney bitch Peyton. In one incredibly random episode, they even fought crime. Even though I could rant and rave about One Tree Hill for hours, following Brooke and Haley from hating each other in high school because they thought they had nothing in common to re-opening Karen's Café together in the final season was really a delight. RIP OTH.

3. Mindy and Dr. Castellano-The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project is my favorite new show of the season and Danny Castellano is my favorite character. The relationship between Mindy and Danny probably wont remain a friendship and I am alright with that, but for now Dr. Castellano a great hybrid of colleague-adversary-crush-friend to Dr. Lahiri.
Some of the funniest and sweetest moments on the show have come from the interactions between Mindy and Danny. Even though they show is new and so far Mindy and Danny have spent most of their shared screen time fighting like siblings but, I feel in my heart of hearts that each one would take a bullet for the other. It doesn't hurt that real-life Mindy has said some amazing sweet things about Chris Messina, the actor who plays Dr. Castellano. It just goes to show that off-screen chemistry really does affect what is happening on the show.
2. Kalinda and Will-The Good Wife

Kalinda is my least favorite character on The Good Wife. Her faux complexity is the sloppily folded pocket square in the impeccable Tom Ford suit that is the usual character development of The Good Wife. Will, on the other hand, is the silk cravat lovingly tied into a Double Windsor knot.
Messy menswear metaphors aside, Will and Kalinda clearly like and respect each other and Will is able to cut through Kalinda's irritatingly vague mystique better than anyone else on the show. I particularly enjoy that Will and Kalinda seem to have sexual tension with everyone they encounter on the show, but their relationship with each other remains wonderfully platonic.

1. Zoe and Lavon-Hart of Dixie

When Dr. Zoe Hart unexpectedly relocated to Bluebell, Alabama she moved into one of the guest houses on Mayor Lavon Hayes' property. At first this seemed like a set up to get Zoe together with Wade, the resident of the other guest house on the property, and it was. But the more important relationship to come out of this kind of contrived living arrangement is the friendship between Zoe and Lavon.
Zoe has spent the majority of the series embroiled in a love triangle and Lavon has spent an equal amount of time trying not to get involved but doling out great advice and tough love when necessary. It also doesn't hurt that many of their scenes take place in the cozy kitchen of the mayor's house which means that sometimes Lavon is shirtless and that is awesome.

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