RTBN 25 Days of Christmas: Day Seven
Day Seven: A Christmas Story
Christmas is a very personal time, full of individualized traditions and expectations founded on our own childhoods. We all want our holiday to retain some aspects of our golden childhood memories, even as those can prove impossible to recreate. I imagine this is a large part of the appeal of A Christmas Story, a clever look back at a significant Christmas in the childhood of Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley). Based on various short stories and fictionalized anecdotes by Jean Shepherd, the film is suffused with personal touches and odd tangents.

This may be why I have never quite connected with the film. Now is as good a time as any in this short blurb to admit that I was not the first choice to write this blurb. The film means little to me personally, and is not part of my own Christmas viewing traditions. But to many, there is no greater Christmas classic than A Christmas Story. Whether its the idea of getting your tongue stuck to a flagploe, the subplot about Ralphie's Dad (Darren McGavin) and his precious leg lamp, or that famous, coveted Red Ryder BB gun, this is a film that has become part of our holiday pop culture consciousness in a way that belies the personal nature of the film. If you've ever wanted a present so much you wanted to burst, ever been warned that something you desired would harm you ("You'll shoot your eye out!"), or just want to be nostalgic about somebody else's Christmas traditions for a little while, A Christmas Story is the perfect holiday distraction for you.

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