RTBN 25 Days of Christmas: Day 13
Bad Santa
RTBN 25 Days of Christmas is the RTBN staff's irreverent exploration of our collective holiday pop culture traditions.

Bad Santa. I mean, it's a pretty obvious conceit. Billy Bob Thorton is a gross old, sad man. The big departure here was Lauren Graham, mostly known as Lorelei Gilmore, playing the filthy female lead, talking about how she's always had a thing for Santa Claus. And instead of delivering presents, Santa is carrying out a systematic shop lifting operation.

Bad Santa is the dirty departure from the typically saccharine sweet sentimentality of the holiday season. It's gross and in your face and challenges all your thoughts on Christmas (even for me, who so typically considers Christmas a ridiculous exercise in nostalgia, self-loathing, and sadness). This Santa does not like children. This Santa is not jolly. This Santa does not give a single shit about whether you've been bad or good. So be good for fuck's sake.

Tomorrow on RTBN 25 Days of Christmas: Jordan takes on the modern Christmas classic, Elf starring Will Ferrell.

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