Top Ten Songs For Working out and Partying
Annie's Top Ten Songs For Working Out and Partying
"Jumps around a lot." "Does weird things with her arms." "Sometimes has her tongue sticking out." These are not descriptions of a lab rat trying out the newest anti-narcoleptic drug, but rather things people have said to describe yours truly's dance moves. And running style. It is probably true"”whether I am boozing up or pouring sweat, I like a good beat I can bop around with. My motto is: "live life likes its jazzercise."

This has gone to a whole new level when I made it to a Big 10 school. It is the perfect time and place to combine my favorite activities"”day drinking, spontaneous dance parties, and running around town like a crazy person. God Bless Saturday morning tailgates. As expected, I now use one playlist (appropriately titled "FUN") for my entire social and workout needs. From "Rapper's Delight" to "Born This Way", it covers the full range of shameless pop song fun.

Here's what was added in 2012:

10. "Good Time" - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

"Good Time" isn't trying to break any new ground, but it knows what it does and it does it well. The lyrics are pretty simple, making it easy to sing a long to no matter what the occasion.

9. "Whistle"-Flo Rida

This is a song I hate to love/love to hate. I find the lyrics a little offensive, but its just so catchy! Our generation needs its own "Thong Song," and this might be the song to take the honor. Despite his penchant for fellatio-themed songs, I can never stay mad at Flo Rida for too long. I'll just settle for the self-judgment when I catch myself singing the lyrics aloud (extra shame points if this is while running down a pedestrian street).

8. "Finally Found You" -Enrique Iglesias w/ Sammy Adams

Anything Enrique sings I will listen to and love. Plain and simple. "Finally Found You" has everything I want in a pop song: a hot guy professing his love for me/every other woman on the planet, and a fun beat I can jump around with. Enrique does sound a little over-dosed on autotune at times, but I'll let it slide.

7. "Starships" - Nicki Mina

After last year's "Superbass," I was pretty convinced that pop music had peaked and it was an early forewarning the Mayan Apocalypse was real. "Starships" was one of Nicki Minaj's follow-ups and restored my faith in the continued future of pop music (if not the future of the planet). Probably my favorite parts of the song are the opening lyrics and music, which are made for warm weather fun. Plus, any song that encourages Bud Light and tequila in one sentence has my endorsement.

6. "Want U Back" - Cher Lloyd

When Cher Lloyd entered public eye on UK "X Factor," everyone knew this girl was a new force to be reckoned with. Her tough and sweet combo is bringing a fresh sound to the Top 40 charts. I love this song because it is such a backhanded way of saying you made a mistake leaving someone: "I thought you were a loser so I dumped you/ Now I realize you are kinda hot/ Your new girlfriend is lame you're better off with me" (my own paraphrase, not actually lyrics). Next time I'm in an argument, I will look to negotiation tactics by Ms. Lloyd to make my case.

5. "Call Me Maybe" - Carly Rae Jepsen

No list of feel-good songs of 2012 would be complete without "Call Me Maybe." When trying to solve the numerous foreign conflicts of 2012, Secretary Clinton should have sought out the advice of an unofficial Canadian ambassador to the America, Carly Rae Jepsen. Vladmir Putin probably already knows all the words; after one "Call Me Maybe" dance party he would be in the palm of the U.S.' hands.

4. "I Cry" - Flo Rida

Yes, Flo Rida is making two appearances on the list"”he has been on fire this year. "Cry" gets your heart rate going and could make anyone who hates to dance start bopping along to the music. The lyrics are also a big departure from "Whistle" and "Right Round," one man's way of internalizing some of the heartbreaking events of recent history.

3. "Die Young" - Ke$ha

I am loud and proud Ke$ha fan. This year's "Die Young" did not disappoint. It features all of Ke$ha's staples: shameless and catchy lyrics, rap/talk interlude, and a fun chorus. In a song all about carpe diem, Ke$ha is probably the first artist to incorporate "dirty socks." And with that, I salute her.

2. "Gangam Style" - Psy

At first, I missed the boat when "Gangam Style" took over EVERYTHING this fall. Before I heard the song, I was a little skeptical about what all the hype was about. Then I heard it, and my life changed. I don't need to know what he's singing to totally agree. Granted, it has been a little over-played and over-YouTube-ed at this point. However, this does not take away the fact that it is pop gold.

1. "Bad Girls" - M.I.A.

"Bad Girls" just might have been my favorite song of 2012. It is impossible to listen and NOT feel like a total badass by the end. Whether I'm trying to push through an ungodly long and steep hill, or making an unassuming elevated surface my new stage at a party, nobody messes with you after playing this song. All I need now is to figure out how drive a car on two wheels in the desert.
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