Feature: Top Ten Reasons To Be Excited for Dollhouse Season Two
Top Ten Reasons to Be Excited for Dollhouse Season Two
With the announcement today that fans will get at least 13 more episodes of Dollhouse, It seemed time to debut another of our intended features: The Top Ten List. The following are the top ten reasons you should be excited for more Dollhouse (SPOILER WARNING):

10. Whiskey-The season finale revealed a whole new doll, and a whole new set of questions: What is her back story? Why does she hate Topher (other than that he's Topher, of course. Though the man has grown on me considerably, but we'll get to that in a minute)? What are the potential consequences of having a self aware doll tending to the others? How will her existential turmoil affect her?

9. The Mole-Season 1 left us wondering which Dollhouse employee is secretly working to bring down the dollhouse? Additionally, how will that person take to Ballard working there?

8.Spy in the House of Love-The twisty episode with the time-bending construction and the perfect mixture of master-plot exposition and episodic Alias-style action is the perfect blueprint for how Season 2 episodes should be constructed.

7. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 2/Angel Season 2-If Whedon's past works are any indicator of future success, Dollhouse is going to get a hell of a lot better in the coming season.

6. Whedon Guest Stars-We've already seen one (who I'll get to in a moment), but another season opens up a world of potential guest stars (The idea of Nathan Fillion on Dollhouse makes my heart sing).

5. Backstories-We know that Echo used to be a really annyoing environmental activist, but what about the other Dolls? Additionally, we have seen excellent character development from a few of the players and more episodes means we'll likely get a lot more depth from everyone involved.

4. Olivia Williams-In Season 1 we saw Adelle Dewitt go from consummate professional to cold hearted interrogator to vulnerable and lonely lover. A second season gives Olivia Williams 13 more chances to blow our minds.

3.Victor-while I'm a huge fan of the show, no one is going to be throwing Elisa Dushku any Emmy's in the near future. But Enver Gjokaj has been incredible, both as the child-like Victor and as the multitude of personalities he's been implanted with (his stint as Dominic was chilling in its accuracy).

2. The Rossum Corporation-We know that they fund the Dollhouse in its entirety, and we know that all of the employees claim the Dollhouse may do evil but is actually accomplishing some good. Why is Rossum funding them, and what are there eventual goals?

1. Alan Tudyk-His turn as Alpha was both hilarious (the Stephen Kepler persona was hilariously eccentric) and terrifying (his psychotic breaks). Here's to getting a closer look at the other 42 personalities Alpha has lodged in his cranium.

All in all, there are many reasons to be excited about Dollhouse Season 2. If you haven't seen the show yet, its time to get on board.-Jordan
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