Cougar Town: Season Four, Episode 3
Between Two Worlds
The thing I like best about Cougar Town (well, besides Laurie's clothes which, let's be real, are like half the draw for me) is the way the show manages to bring the past into the present. The characters on Cougar Town, while silly and drunk and ridiculous most of the time, have these important backstories, whether they are Bobby's insecurity about his relative level of success in life, or Grayson's fear that his mistakes from his first marriage will repeat themselves in his second, or Jules' weird craving for perpetual crazy. I like that we don't focus on these things every week, that many episodes go by when the characters are just mean to each other, or just quirky, or just incredibly strange, but I love that these things come back into the show from time to time, to make sure we remember what fully realized people we're hanging out with, that these people are growing and changing and working to better themselves, even while it seems like all they do is sit around and drink various beverages.

This episode was one of those episodes, for me at least. The main plot was on Jules and Grayson, again. While I do relish the chance to see some different pairings in the near future, I do think it makes sense that these two are still really trying to figure out what this new step in their relationship means, and how they're going to make this marriage the one that lasts. Ellie is the one to start stuff, again (why do the people in this show ever listen to her? She always messes things up!), manufacturing reasons for Grayson to not be the perfect man, despite his seeming perfection as a husband. Jules realizes that she needs some fighting in her relationships to keep the passion alive, and Ellie starts an argument about the changing of Jules' last name, from Cobb to Ellis. The fight quickly escalates from small-time bickering to a full-blown argument, and Jules backpedals as she realizes she doesn't want this kind of actual fighting. Grayson is struck by parallels to his first marriage, as he and Vivian fought and fought with no resolution and no compromises. I really like when we call back to Grayson's past, as I think the way the showrunners have set up his relationship with his ex-wife to explain basically everything he does makes so much sense, and is fascinating to watch. The storyline does end with a compromise, as the two have sex at Grayson's bar (gross) and decide that Jules will legally change her name, but keep Cobb for business purposes.

The other main plot of the episode focused on Bobby, who, upon hearing that other people believe him unreliable and a bit of a failure, decides he doesn't want to be Bobby Cobb anymore. He wants to be Ron Mexico, a bit of a daredevil, who people invite places and admire and believe in. I loved this plot, even if it was a bit on the nose. Bobby has had a hard few years (listening to him describe all the shitty things in his life to the AA lady was overwhelming), and it makes sense that he would want to escape it all, to become a different person, even if only for a little while. I want so many good things for Bobby, but he does have to start understanding the ways he's screwed himself over before he can fix his life.

The final plot involved Laurie attempting to figure out Travis's superpower. This plot was definitely slight, but I love when Travis and Laurie hang out together. There is something so lovely about his nerdiness and sincerity combined with her dramatics and enthusiasm. It turns out Travis has been distracting Laurie as she waits to find out if her boyfriend, Wade, is ok after not hearing from him for awhile. Travis is such a good guy, and Laurie is so wonderful. I love them.

Overall, my only real conclusion is that I love every character on Cougar Town, and I wish we were friends in real life. That is all.

Grade: B+

--Laurie's outfits continue to be the most amazing thing ever. Her stylist is incredible.

--Grayson's impressions are fantastic. I want to watch him impersonating everyone in the world.

--We got two Laurie's childhood stories this episode! I love Laurie's childhood (from afar, clearly).
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