HIMYM: Season 8, Episode 16
Bad Crazy
The last two surprisingly enjoyable episodes of How I Met Your Mother cruelly dangled the hope that season 8 might get better and possibly end on a not-rock-bottom note. However, faster than the hypothetical mother (of whose existence I'm less and less sold on by the episode) will snatch away that hot dinner from Ted when she finds out he's been regaling their kids with tails of his sexcapades in New York, Bad Crazy dashed that hope and returned my expectations to their familiar season 8 setting: somewhere just below "bleak" and slightly above "why, just"¦why?".

While Ted is at first willing to put up with the fact that his new girlfriend just might be crazy in a stabby way, he soon realizes that he needs to end the relationship. Marshall and Barney encourage his decision both because they recognize how crazy she is, and because they want Ted to maintain his bachelor status, so that they can escape from their significant others to his apartment which they have transformed into a man cave. Meanwhile Robin's fear of holding Marvin leaves her with a secret that she parses out to Lily over the course of 17 years.

Ted's relationship with Jeannette is just sad. Yes, that's the point Bays and Thomas are trying to convey: this relationship being the impetus for Ted to finally settle down. However Ted has already had this revelation several times over, and this sad season alone has offered numerous better catalysts for Ted to rededicate himself to the search for the one. Seeing Ted sink this low, while his friends just casually sit by playing video games and sniping at his bad decisions is sad. Even the attempts at ridiculous sight gags and physical comedy can't save this plot, as the Boba Fett costume Ted dons is just the perfect outer reflection of the sad man boy into which his character has devolved.

The Robin/Lily runner was actually quite enjoyable. The hilarity of this subplot escalated as the story became more ridiculous and the set-up was repeated and compressed from time jump to time jump. Alyson Hannigan and Colbie Smolders nail the timing and delivery of this scene as they enact it over and over again. And the reveal of Robin's final secret is a brilliant use of guest casting. But an enjoyable sub-plot can't salvage an episode with an A-plot gone so terribly, terribly wrong. The Ted/Jeannette arc was D.O.A. from the start, and the more a given episode focuses on it, the more that episode suffers.

Grade: C-


"Actually I'm going to change my answer. I'm now starting to think she never left, and instead barricaded herself in your room. 100%."

"I got it! It was on the floor of the bus. I should probably throw it out. Eh."

"Ted I'm sorry I have to say this. Jeannette lives here now. This is her place. You're going to have to leave."

"My son was rocked to sleep by Senator Mike Tyson?"

"Oh my god I'm holding it, I'm holding the baby."

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