Brief: The Killer Inside Me
The Killer Inside Me
It wants to be a moody noir, a taut thriller, and a character study of a small-town psychopath, but it is completely inept at all of those things. Casey Affleck is the best part of the movie, but even he muddles through the narration that is supposed to provide mood and context, but ends up contributing virtually nothing. The movie is reductive in its attempts to paint Affleck's character as a fully realized character (what little details it provides about how he developed his despicable peccadillos are about as obvious as possible), boring when it thinks it is being suspenseful, and lacking in anything resembling an interesting mood. Basically, it is a string of gratuitous sex and violence (seriously, when discussing the movie on the Review To Be Named Podcast, we realized that there is not a single scene involving a woman in which she is not having sex or being beaten, and usually, its both at the same time) tied together with a razor thin plot that barely cares to make sense. Most of its characters are paper-thin to the point they barely qualify as archetypes, and the best-developed among them, Affleck, is a lumbering cliche. Its not bad enough to be worth your time from the perspective of examining a failure. It isn't interesting enough to be worth an "F." It's a "D-" through and through, and the most emotion it ever illicited from me was deep discomfort that curdled into anger over its treatment of women.

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