Brief: Out of Sight
Out of Sight
This movie is a lot of fun, though I'm kind of mystified about its pretty stellar reputation. The cast is pretty great across the board, with Clooney at his most charming and Jennifer Lopez at her least awful. Rounded out by Ving Rhames, Michael Keaton, Steve Zahn, Don Cheadle, Albert Brooks, Viola Davis, Catherine Keener and Denis Farina, the film is a murderer's row of actors I enjoy having a good time. Its got a solid screwball energy, a fun structure, and the standard mordant wit of a Leonard adaptation. Basically, its a really solid movie, clearly late-'90s mainstream, but with enough of Soderbergh in it to keep things interesting. If I'm picking late '90s Elmore Leonard adaptations, I'll take Jackie Brown every day of the week, though, and this film's rep as one of the best of its decade surprises me. A good way to spend two hours, it is, but I have a hard time seeing it as any sort of cinematic masterpiece. The more I sit with it, though, the more I like it, so maybe over time my opinion will change.

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