Brief: El Dia de la Bestia
El Dia de la Bestia
Oh, you know, just your average black comedy about a priest trying to commit enough sins to successfully sell his soul to the devil so he can prevent the birth of the Anti-Christ. The film deftly mixes B-horror with farcical comedy, as the hapless priest tries to execute his incredibly poorly thought out plan and often stumbles into the right direction. While its a nice mix of a variety of genres, and it does each of them well enough, El Dia de la Bestia is at its best when it operates wholly on its own wavelength-- like in scenes in which the priest, a heavy metal enthusiast, and an occult talk show host take LSD and try to conjure the Devil, or when the priest goes to desperate measures to get maiden's blood for said rituals. The film reaches perhaps too far in its climax, but at its best, it is an offbeat, clever, funny movie with a great premise that executes it far more than I might have guessed.

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