Brief: Upstream Color
Upstream Color
I will write about this without saying anything about its plot, if that's possible, as I think its best to go in knowing as little as possible. This is a beautiful film, with passages that feel like perfectly executed short films and others that flow lyrically together, evoking feelings far more than spelling them out. The touchstone comparison, I think, is Terrence Malick, which is a fairly high complement to pay to director Shane Carruth. Upstream Color is a much more emotionally resonant film than Carruth's debut feature Primer, though it is no more immediately accessible, and perhaps arguably less so.

Ultimately, understanding the plot mechanics, while an interesting and invigorating thought puzzle, is less important than simply sitting back and feeling the film, letting it was over you and envelope you completely. This is an engrossing, beguiling, abstract, gorgeous movie, and definitely worth viewing for fans of Carruth, great cinematography, obscure, enigmatic art or explorations of unexplainable connections and the search for a place to feel at home.

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