How I Met Your Mother: Season 5, Episode 10
The Window
After the train wreck that was the last episode of How I Met Your Mother, the show is back to something approximating form tonight ,delivering the funniest episode its done in months. When Ted receive a mysterious phone call from an elderly woman telling him "the window is open" he rockets into action. It seems his college crush Maggie Wilkes has just broken up with her boyfriend, and after missing his window three times before, Ted refuses to risk it again. He makes it to Maggie in time, and invites her to Maclaren's before realizing that he has a class that night. He leaves her in the capable and protective hands of Marshall and Lily, but this is a sitcom, folks, and everything will not go off without a hitch.

Marshall's mother has been shipping him random stuff from his old room ever since he and Lily moved into their own place, and the newest batch contains a letter from his 15 year old self, telling him that about how awesome his life should be. Of course Marshall's life is not at all how he envisioned it, so he sets out to accomplish at least one goal on his list by dunking a basketball. He fails to do even that, but comes to the (let's face it) pretty adorable conclusion that his life will be perfect in 30 more years, as long as he's with Lily. When Marshall leaves, however, Lily believes he is going to quit his job and so chases after him, leaving Maggie with Robin.

Robin does her best to keep men away from Maggie, but ends up taking one for the team and dragging one of Maggie's coworkers to Le Chien Erotique, a photo display that is apparently just dogs in sexual positions. This leaves Maggie with Barney, who has given himself the challenge of wearing Marshall's old overalls until he can get someone to have sex with him. When Maggie comments that she likes the look, Ted has to rush back to stop Barney from stealing the girl of his dreams. Of course, Maggie is not the mother, and by episode's end she has reconnected with a childhood love who she will spend the rest of her life with. She has also served as an inspiration (along with Ted's class) to our hero to get back in the game, get out there and find the mother.

Tonight's episode provided the serious laughter I've been missing from the show, and also the actual emotions that make it great. By bringing the focus back to Ted (who, in case you forgot so far this season, is the main character) and his quest for true love, the show managed to pull itself back on track, delivering both the laughs and the pathos necessary to make an excellent episode. I can't say the show is out of its slump yet, but "The Window" was definitely a much needed step in the right direction.

Grade: B+


-Robin's random Seven reference was funny.

-Marshall's old mad lib: "Fart went to the window to fart fartly."

-"No one could have sex in these overalls...challenge accepted." I love NPH's delivery on that line. Its like he just realized where everything was going.

-"I don't think 911 takes requests."

-I also loved Ted's reaction to his students actually wanting to listen to him.

-Ted's acronym for MAGGIE: Make Adjustments Go Get It Energized.

-"Ok, Louis, then Meg."

-"Did you see the one over there of the Corgie's doing it people style?"

-"It wasn't that they were too hot. Its just that I had wings earlier. Much earlier." Apparently time travel is possible 30 years from now, and it created a hysterical blip to end the episode.
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