Dollhouse: Season 2, Episode 11
Getting Closer
Well holy shit. After the three weeks of unrelenting awesomeness that was Dollhouse's marathon December run, the show didn't slow for a second as we enter the home stretch. Revealing that Boyd, the Giles to Echo's Buffy in my Whdeon ensemble match-up, is really the head of Rossum was not only a wonderful twist, it also fills in his past in a way I worried the show wouldn't have the chance to and makes everything a whole lot more complicated than I even expected. The second twist of the episode was one I really shoud have seen coming, as its a classic Whedon move, but it never the less made my jaw hit the floor. Having Saunders dispassionately execute Bennett was a shocker like no other, and fit into the frusterating trend of Whedon refusing to let his characters be happy together. As I marveled over the adorable interactions between Topher and Bennett, I should have known my happiness, like theirs, would be shortlived, but my optimism left me blindsided by her death.

The episode opens three years earlier, and spends much of its run answering questions that have plagued us since day one: who was Caroline Farrell, what turned Bennett against her, and how did Caroline end up in the Dollhouse? Of course, it also left us with many more: Why is Boyd pretending to be a head of security? Why was Caroline special? And what in God's name is going to happen now?

As Adelle makes like a badass and prepares her house for battle, Echo grapples with the idea of letting her real self back into her head. She also discovers that Ballard lost his love for her when Topher re-mapped him. There's no question that this show is headed for an end-game, and with the quality of the last seven episodes, I have no doubt its going to be an epic one. We saw another scene from Epitaph One as Boyd fled the Dollhouse and left the heartbroken Saunders behind. We watched Adelle make tough decisions without blinking as she closed the Dollhouse, ordered the execution of Clive Ambrose and other Rossum higher-ups, and fled to protect the rebellion when Rossum's goons breached her sanctuary.

I'm still trying to make sense of what has happened and what is coming, but for now all I can say is that Dollhouse may not have lasted long, but it has made the best out of the little time it had, showing us a bleak look at the dangers of corporations, science and a lack of morals that has seeped through our society. And I can't wait to see how this masterpiece comes to an end.

Grade: A


-"Relax, I'm not a thief, I'm a terrorist."

-"Actually, if anyone asks, don't say I got beat up by a one-armed girl."

-"More of that if we prevent the end of the world?" God I loved Topher and Bennett...on that note, "you know I always had a crush on you, even when I thought you were a dude....this is better."

-"Ivy, don't become me!" Topher finally shows his respect for her while simultaneously dismissing her. He cares about her enough to keep her from developing into the dismissive, amoral man that allowed the deterioration of the world around him, and in fact was responsible for a good deal of it. Excellent moment.
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