30 Rock: Season 4, Episode 19
In the last few weeks 30 Rock has gained back my favor, not by returning to its former glory, but by developing into an absurd one liner machine that glides unassumingly through unexceptional plots creating laughs along the way through sheer wackiness. Tonight had three pretty zany plots that allowed this new form of the show to work very well. The show has certainly grown broader recently, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if it continues to be as consistently amusing as tonight's episode was.

The A-plot revolved around the inherently funny idea of Jack inheriting a peacock named Argus from his mentor Don Geiss. This in and of itself could have provided some laughs, but when Jack becomes convinced that the soul of Geiss is trapped in the peacock and gets a chance to unburden his soul to his mentor, it becomes a moment of real poignancy. The show has spent so much time developing the relationship between Jack and Don over the last four years that giving it this admittedly weird coda seems appropriate. Plus, it has Kenneth referring to peacock's as "Swamp eagles" which is always fun.

The B-plot has Liz trying to stop Grizz from picking Dot Com as his best man because Dot Com is secretly in love with Grizz' fiance Feyonce. Again, an admittedly absurd plotline that found Tracy using his childish selfishness for good and put Liz in between two gentle giants. It also allowed for a recurring gag in which Pete attempted to reinvent himself as "Dallas" a suave, Indiana Jones like character, which makes his every appearance that much funnier.

Finally, in what has to be the weirdest of tonight's plots, Jenna begins dating a Jenna Maroni impersonator (played by the always solid Will Forte), which pretty much perfectly fits with her insane level of narcissism. 30 Rock may not be the masterpiece it was in seasons past, but with my lowered expectations, I have found the last few episodes of the show very enjoyable and pretty continuously funny.

Grade: B+


-"Maybe that boyhood sled he held so dear. I believe he called it ...sleddy."

-Don Geiss had a secret Canadian family and an even more secret Attic Family.

-Grizz and Liz were the Sam and Diane of 30 Rock.

-"He lives or you die." "I was about to suggest the same thing!"

-"What if he's in a secret back room doing pot?"

-"If we can put an ear on a mouse's back, we can certainly make a peacock immortal."

-"I've known Dot Com ever since we went to Above the Beanstalk, a free summer camp for giants..."

-"How much do you know about him?" "I lost a toe ring in him, so I'd say a lot."

-"I'd never tuck my penis again if she asked me."
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