Welcome to the new Review to Be Named
Welcome to the new Review to Be Named
Welcome to the new and improved Review to be Named. To celebrate the one year we've been able to keep this blog afloat in a public forum that couldn't censor us no matter how desperately it wanted to, we're making a few upgrades around here. First and foremost, as you may have noticed, our blog now looks less like your grandmother's den and more like a place you'd actually like to spend time.

This leads directly into the next major change around these parts, as the redesign was handled by our new contributor Ashley. We here at Review to be Named have decided to let her out of the cage in the basement we generally keep her in and allow her to share her thoughts on film, and on music. That's right, our long promised, never delivered coverage of that segment of the pop culture universe has arrived, and Ashley will be heading that up. Welcome her, and treat her kindly, but try not to make any high pitched whistling noises, as she will likely interpret them as a sign of aggression.

We will also be getting back to the basics with increased film reviews over the course of the summer, now that we have more time and Sam has finished building the intricate network of tunnels that allow us to get to and from the movie theater without ever having to see the light of day. The goal is to review a movie every week starting in June, which means that we will definitely write about at least two movies this summer. Exciting, right?

Finally, each of our three contributors will be writing a bi-weekly column covering an aspect of pop culture in a more in-depth way and hopefully generating discussion on the issues at hand. Starting this Sunday (May 9th), and running every other Sunday from here into perpetuity, you can find me tackling the issue of auteurism and film authorship through an examination of individual film-makers in the new column "Whose Film Is It Anyway?" Sam will be examining the development of television shows by analyzing the pilot and looking at how it relates to the rest of the show in "Taking Off" which will debut on Wednesday May 19th. And the new kid on the block, Ashley will be writing about movie trailers and their depictions of film, starting this coming Friday (May 14th).

We hope you enjoy the new design and all the new content, and look forward to hearing your thoughts on it in the weeks to come!

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