Whose Film Is It Anyway?
Note: The purpose of Whose Film Is It Anyway? is to examine the validity of the auteur theory through the lens of individual film-makers, taking a look at their bodies of work and highlighting the technical elements, personal style, and thematic consistency of their films. Ultimately, the goal of this column will be to generate a discussion of the merits of auteur theory through examinations of directors widely considered auteurs, analyses of directors whose status as auteurs is more tenuous, and occasional looks at non-directors who may drive the quality and content of their films with more assuredness than the directors they work with.

For ease of navigation, below you will find a collection of the past installments of Whose Film Is It Anyway?. Enjoy!

Notes on the Auteur Theory in 2011

Christopher Nolan

Aaron Sorkin

Michael Bay

Hal Ashby

Quentin Tarantino

George Lucas

Akira Kurosawa

Kevin Smith

Mike Myers

Frank Capra

Darren Aronofsky

Kathryn Bigelow

James Cameron

John Carpenter

George Romero

Ingmar Bergman

Sergio Leone

Jean-Luc Godard

Todd Solondz

Charlie Kaufman

Fritz Lang

Paul Thomas Anderson

David Mamet

Terry Gilliam

Martin Scorsese

Wes Anderson
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