Modern Family: Season 2, Episode 1
The Old Wagon
The breakout comedy last year not named "Glee" last season was undoubtedly, Modern Family and for good reason. While it may not have been the best new comedy (that honor goes to Community, and I think you'll agree) it certainly had a throwback quality that people latched to. It was in many ways a classic family sitcom that did manage to tie in more modern comedic sensibilities. OK

The second season kicked off last night with the same general formula that made it Emmy worthy and popular amongst the masses. The problems of each family under the 'Modern Family' umbrella has a problem and then at the end they all love each other. Simple, but the writers make it work, and tonight was no exception.

The Dunphy family is getting rid of their old station wagon. When Phil manages to get the hunk of junk sold, Claire remembers all the great times they had whether it be back seat vomiting or windows that don't close. In a purely Phil-ian act of charm, he decides to take the crew out for one last day with the old wagon. In a brilliantly staged bit of comedy, we get one of the episodes highlights as they manage to lose the car after Luke nearly vomits, for one last time, in the wagon.

Cam and Mitchell continue to be the most interesting/fun couple to watch on the show. They characteristically decide to build a princess castle for Lilly who probably won't be able to enjoy it for a couple of years. Cam and Jay plot to keep Mitchell from going near the thing during construction ever since he got the idea that he is handy. Mitchell shows them in the end though that he can build it, of course he traps himself inside the castle with no way to get out.

Finally, we have probably the least interesting, though still mildly amusing, subplot from the episode as Gloria discusses Colombian mothers and the difficult time they have letting their children go. The consummate ladies man, Manny comes home with a girl from class and of course Gloria gets insanely jealous of the girl.

Like most MF episodes, it is tied together with some general theme like learning to let go or something like that. Though that is often a little clumsy, there's no denying the cast's chemistry and there is still that sweet "They still love each other" moment that I tend to be a sucker for.



-Jay on past construction projects with Mitchell- "It was my Vietnam...and I was in Vietnam."

-Salt and chocolate milk...intriguing.

-Phil's mnemonic or m-nemonic devices are classic! hope those come back-I know they won't. If this was HIMYM or Arrested Development it would.
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