Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Another highly anticipated movie this summer is the new installment of Harry Potter. Directed by David Yates (who directed the previous Potter), Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince provides some ups and downs in overall quality. I did not read Half-Blood Prince but read the previous books. I'm by no means a die-hard Potter fan but still enjoyed the books and care about what happens to the characters.
It seems unnecessary to summarize a movie everyone knows better than me so I'll keep it quick: Harry's a hero, Voldemort wants Malfoy to off Dumbledore, Snape does it (everyone knows this, I knew it before seeing the movie). The story is pretty standard, and dare I say, dull (for a Potter series anyways).

I was more interested (and so was Yates it seems) in the who wants to dip their magic wand in who storylines (again I know where everyone ends up, but anyone who's alive knows where everyone will end up). I enjoyed that Harry and friends are becoming horny bastards which are much better than an abstinent vampire.

Jordan will correct me if I'm wrong, but my guess is that in the book there was a ton more character development than what's in the movie. The movie felt like we were supposed to get to know these characters better. I also feel there was likely a ton of good bits from the book left out, but it's a necessary evil to make these films (should be a good sign the next flick is in two parts). Even though I know Hermoine and Ron end up together I still wanted them to have some action. Also Harry and Ginny was awfully cute but for me its just a waiting game "ňútill Ron sticks his Gryffindor in Hermoine's Hufflepuff (I was thinking about coming up with some Hermoine-Ron innuendo the entire movie).

Anyways, the acting was strong which is nothing new because it's the same cast of talented brits as it always has. I'm always amazed at how good the casting is of the three leads. They had to make sure that the three could continue to be good actors and grow up to be attractive enough for the pictures. I think Emma Watson (Hermoine) has the brightest future, but they all seem to have strong careers ahead of them unless they decide acting's not for them. Still, I felt the story was just average and not as riveting as Potter's past. Perhaps its just building to the final film but I can't really find details in this movie that will have SUPER importance in the next film other than the note found at the end.

Yates made the film look very good for the most part. He blue-tinted world has set the tone for the remainder of the series well, a bit darker than Chris Columbus' orange-fest. I'm definitely excited for the next two films and to see Ron and Hermoine hook up. This movie had nothing really wrong with it, it was fine. Really OK.


Notes: I knew John Williams didn't do the music for this one. Before the movie the theatre was playing some music from the flick and it was not Williams-y to me which gave me doubts. The music was done by Nicholas Hooper.
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