30 Rock: Season 5, Episode 12
Que Sorpresa
Things are changing for our man Jack Donaghy. Kabletown is not as he might have hoped. Jack comes from a world where business is conducted at restaurants where you watch a kid play with a rabbit and then eat that rabbit; his new superior likes long hugs and Yakov Smirnoff (things do sound crazy in Soviet Russia...). Jack comes from a place where there is a private Executive Dining Room, and the big ideas come from the minds (or at least the mouths) of the big people; his new boss likes everyoje to share their thoughts and feel like a family. Jack wants cold, hard rules; his bodd wants warm, fuzzy relations.

While Jack attempts to adjust to this life, he asks Liz to go baby shopping with Avery. This leads to the two being spotted by Avery's chief competition for a new job, who cannot possibly know she's pregnant. And so, of course, Liz pretends pregnancy in her stead, and in typical Liz fashion, is willing to take the ruse way, way, WAY too far. The reporter decides to "cover" Liz' pregnancy to get her to admit her lie, but Liz continuously refuses to, going so far as to hilariously engage in a pregnant woman photo shoot, showing off her belly and modeling with oil.

In the C-story that felt tacked on at best and overdone at worst, Jenna and Tracy realize they haven't fought over something stupid and trivial in a while and proceed to fight over a sweatshirt. Personally I've grown to kind of love Tracy and Jenna as a pair of completely insane schemers happily ensconced in their own private bubble of obliviousness and obscene wealth, so I don't need them to go back to fighting. But this story took up very little time, and the other two plots were consistently hilarious, so I can't mind too much. This show is running solid for a fairly long stretch at this point, and continues to prove that everyone who wrote it off in season four was dead wrong.

Grade: B+


-"Carmen's very sneaky, and that's not racist because I don't know what she is."

-"This is where we used to hold retirement parties. The balcony below is probably still riddled with stripper bones."

-"Sweatshirty is a boy!"

-I loved the gag of Jack's voice activated remote control. That was a really smart, really funny joke, and I loved the capper with Keeping Up With The Kardashians coming on after Jack said "crap."

-"Now is not the time to discuss this, but I will need to eat your umbilical cord."
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