Notes on the Ever Expanding Review to Be Named Universe
Notes on the Ever Expanding Review to Be Named Universe
In our continuing efforts to provide bargain bin quality cultural commentary to any and all who accidentally stumble across our anonymous and dust ridden corner of the internet, we are once again adding some new feature and expanding the site in other ways to both provide more widespread and in-depth coverage of the realms of pop culture and encourage increased engagement from those of you who deign to read our humble little ramblings. So here are a few of the changes you can expect to see around these parts in the coming weeks:

-Starting this Saturday (February 19th), look out for the debut of a brand new bi-weekly feature, Random Pop Culture Question of the Week, in which one of our contributors (or, if interest is high enough, a reader) poses a pop culture question to be batted around by our contributors, each of whom will provide an answer to the question.

-Due to the introduction of Random Pop Culture Question of the Week, our other Saturday feature, Random Pop Culture Top Ten List (there's a pattern here, for the discerning reader) will be moving from a weekly feature to a bi-weekly feature, so that one of the two will appear every Saturday. So look for the next Random Pop Culture Top Ten List on Saturday February 26th!

-After much thought (ok, like three minutes) and much deliberation (fine, pretty much those same three minutes), Sam and I have decided to start a weekly podcast, the aptly named Review To Be Named Podcast, a half an hour pop culture discourse which will appear on Wednesdays (or possibly early on Thursdays, depending on how long uploading takes. Details on this to come) starting next week (February 23rd or, at latest 24th). So look out for the dawn of a new era which will be pretty similar to the old era except that you will occasionally be able to hear our mostly incoherent ramblings instead of just reading them.

Finally, in an effort to encourage increased engagement in these new features (in addition to our old stalwarts of course), this blog now has its own twitter account, the easy to remember @reviewtobenamed (follow us here) and an e-mail account reviewtobenamed@gmail.com. As the podcast and the new Random Pop Culture Question of the Week features get off the ground, we hope you will feel free to tweet or e-mail us with suggestions, or potential questions for us to answer. Shoot us a question for the feature or for the podcast, and you may become an obscure internet celebrity for approximately 30 seconds before you fade back into obscurity! Have questions or ideas? Email us or tweet at us. We don't hear you when you just scream at the computer while looking at our site (Though our team of scientists are working on that one). Hopefully these changes will make help this site fit your pop culture needs even better in the coming weeks. If not, you now have ways to let us know. Happy reading!

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