Mad Men: Season 3, Episode 2
Love Among the Ruins
This week's episode of Mad Men could stand alone as a really good episode, but it really was more of a bridge episode. Many subplots are beginning to form after last week's big opening showing us what is best about the show. The Ken and Pete competition looks to be underway which seems to be a fun direction to take the show. The real fun will come when Pete undoubtedly starts to play dirty.

On the Ad side of the plot this week SC works to gain the trust of a group looking to renovate Penn Station and Madison Square Garden. Unfortunately they lose it. There also seems to be some weak links beginning to show in the new Brit chain of command. When asked why they bought the company the head British guy (sorry for forgetting the name) responded with an "I don't know". This is not something you want to hear from the guy that just bought your business.

The real drama this week came from outside the office. First, Betty's father, brother, and sister in law came to visit. The father is clearly in diminishing health, he may have Alzheimer's. While there are some squabbles about the estate of the father and where he will end up, what's important is how this is going to effect the rest of the season. The end of the episode gives a clue where Don and Betty wake up to her father pouring out all the booze so the cops won't find it.

The other juicy plotline from this week was the emergence of a new Peggy, or at least one that has been festering for a while. Peggy's loneliness is best displayed where she sings a song from Bye Bye Birdie in the mirror imagining her as a bit more glamorous. She would later go out to a bar and find a nice young guy who doesn't know better and bangs him, or blows him, it's a bit ambiguous but probably not sex since he didn't have a condom and she's a bit weary after the whole Pete business. It's nice to see Peggy try to get some, but she seems to be the only character on the show who could really use a spouse and would actually be happy and faithful (hmm, maybe Joan as well). Peggy's character has chance immensely since the first season and the journey she is going on will probably be my favorite other than our star Don's quest in life, whatever that may be.

So there were no new revelations just new facts that will cause some intrigue later. As Jordan can attest, this show is much more fun on DVD since you can watch where these new storylines go immediately, but we'll just have to settle for one a week.


-I'm jealous of Fred Armsien

-I was totally right about them changing the kid who played Bobby. Why?!!?!?! He was Darren'ed I tell you, Darren'ed!!!

-Looking forward to seeing what happens with Joan's rape-y husband and the wedding of Roger's daughter on the day Kennedy was shot.
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