Welcome to Reviewtobenamed.com
Welcome to Reviewtobenamed.com
Welcome to Reviewtobenamed.com, the new and improved home for all of your favorite pop culture commentary. I have personally been blogging under the title of Review to Be Named for more than two years now, and after great success over in the blogosphere (I think a few people stumbled across our dusty, half forgotten corner of the internet once, thinking they could find criticism-based pornography there. We're still working on that one, folks), have decided to expand the site further than ever before and add the sheen of professionalism (emphasis on the word sheen) that an actual website provides.

In my spare time, I enjoy filling my spare time with movies, television, music, books, and any other culture I can gorge inappropriate amounts of only to later purge in the form of geeking out. I do other things as well, but most of those things involve liquor and I haven't figured out how to make my drinking productive as anything more than a way to mask my thinly veiled self-loathing as of yet (though, now that I think of it, that might help me create some of that criticism-based pornography you're all clamoring for. More as this story develops...). I will be serving as Editor-in-Chief of this new Review to Be Named venture, heading up an editorial board chock full of cultural experts and Review to Be Named veterans, all of who will introduce themselves below. Beyond running the site from behind the scenes (like a puppet master or the Wizard of Oz, only sitting on a couch and not pulling any strings whatsoever), I will also be producing content in every one of our sections over the coming months, continuing some old favorites and launching some brand new features. Fans (ok, readers) of my film and television reviews can expect to see more of those from me, as I continue to cover season four of Breaking Bad and prepare to cover season three of Community when it returns September 22nd and season five of Mad Men when it returns next year (stay tuned for an update on which new pilots I'll be covering during pilot season and on whether I have the time in my schedule to cover season three of Archer when it returns for a brief run September 15th).

Readers of My Year in Lists, my ongoing trek through musical history courtesy of three music experts, will continue to see that feature every Friday through the end of this year. Further, (yes, I am going to law school and so am allowed to begin sentences with the word "further") I will be debuting two new features next month, with It's Been Real, an examination of documentaries in all of their forms and what they say about our use of culture to engage with real events debuting on September 4th, and Bottle Up and Explode, a consideration of the bottle episode as a form and its potential for great creativity within the genre of television debuting on September 11th. Each feature will run on a bi-weekly schedule so that you will get one of the two every Sunday from here into perpetuity.

In addition to all of that, longtime readers (or curious newbies) can access any of our old articles or features, which are completely archived on this new site. We promise they are as lacking in insight, integrity, and ingenuity as ever (but now with "New Website" smell!). So you can still access all your old favorites, or gorge yourself on our amazing coverage once you get a taste with the new stuff.

For your pop culture pleasure, we're taking a Megazord approach to this endeavor; we've broken the blog into some specially tailored subsections to provide you with comprehensive coverage of everything you could ever wish to read about (plus, we think we got rid of those Putties for good). You'll find introductions from our Television, Features, and Comics Editors below (As well as a message from our Tech Editor, who built this new site and will be working to make sure it best suits your pop culture needs over the next several months) after the jump.

We take our procrastination very seriously here at Review to be Named, so we welcome and encourage your feedback (good or bad"¦but come on, we'd love it to be good). You can find and follow us @Reviewtobenamed) or by email at Reviewtobenamed.gmail.com. We hope to hear from you all on what you love, what you hate, and what you're annoyingly ambivalent about. Until then, thanks for your continued support, and happy reading!


Features Editor:

Hello interwebz. My name is Rachel and I'm the newly minted Features Editor at the shiny and new Review to Be Named. Like everyone else here, I've rotted my brain watching too much television. I enjoy reading deep philosophical, political, or social meaning into Disney movies and attempting to carry on conversations like an Aaron Sorkin character. In my spare time I like visiting the zoo and figuring out how to circumvent time limits on streaming sites.

As the Ed-board's token pair of ovaries, I'm here to lay out doilies and fancy smelling soaps in the form of comments about pretty boys and screech-tastic shows. I'm kidding. But not really. In addition to coordinating the aptly named Random Pop Culture Question of the Week (relaunching August 6) and Random Pop Culture Top Ten List (relaunching August 13), I am the proud momma of three new features: Stupid Pretty (launching August 9), Confessions (launching August 2), and Marathoning (launching August 10). You know, the long lead fluff pieces. I also attempt to get the boys to proofread every once in a while, but I'm not always that successful.

Television Editor:

Hey everyone, I'm Sam Lindauer the Television Editor for Review To Be Named. I'd like to think I've spent my entire life preparing me for such a position as I always took in more than the unhealthy amount of television most American children watched per week. I studied journalism and cinema studies at American University. Unfortunately, there was a hole in my education as Television 101 did not exist. Shows that I'm watching now include Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Louie, Parks and Recreation and many more. Hopefully we'll provide you with regular recaps of your favorite shows (I will be covering The Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec and Terra Nova when each begins) and give you some fun features that delve way too deep into television's past, including the return of my pilot-focused feature Taking Off, which will begin a bi-weekly run September 1st. So join us, won't you? Just because the average person watches ONLY 5 hours of TV a day doesn't mean you should.

Comics Editor:

What's up guys? I'm Chris, I'll be your friendly neighborhood Comics Editor, and these are just some of my favorite things: Frisky Dingo, Raisinets, The works of Brad Meltzer, Battlestar Galactica, anything (except for Swept Away) directed by Guy Ritchie, Chipoltle Tacos, and of course, comics. I'm as much a TV junkie as the rest of the RTBN gang, but with a wide range of shows already in the very capable hands of my fellow editors and contributors, (and while you might see me in the comments of the show reviews from time to time) for now I will be concentrating on keeping you up to date on what's hot in comics.
When I was 10, my cousin Max threw a copy of Amazing Spider-Man into my greedy little hands and I've been hooked ever since. And while I'm well versed on the classics, the current indy darlings, and most of the mature reader fare, my truest true love is the super hero stuff from the big two: Marvel and DC. So what can you expect from the Review To Be Named comics section, and yours truly? For starters, reviews every (I hope) Thursday of the most anticipated and buzzed about releases of the week. That's not enough for you? How about my slightly more than weekly blog, The Watchtower, where I will dish out the latest, news, rumors, and my own personal analysis on what writers, artists, companies, and the industry as a whole? And to top things off for the months of August and September I will be doing a weekly feature that examines the DC Comics September relaunch.
I love comments so please, post them to the site or tweet at us, let me know what you're reading, or what you'd like to hear about. I'm beyond excited to be a part of the next chapter of Review to Be Named, and I hope you guys are psyched too, because we have one hell of a year in the works.

Tech Editor:

First of all, have you tried turning it on an off again? Yes? Well have you tried plugging it in? There you go! Now lets get started.

I'm Daniel Saunders, and in addition to building this here website (shiny, ain't it?), I'll be developing it further and serving as Tech Editor from here on out. Over the next few weeks you may notice a few changes to the site. Soon you will be able to follow your favorite feature, rate articles and get recommendations based on your previous ratings. The site will link to facebook, twitter, and maybe even google+. Ok probably not google+. That way you can tell all your friends how awesome we are! And by all of your friends I mean us. That site will also be full of new videos, links, and shiny things. Because we all know you love shiny things.

You may also see quite a few other features. These may include links that take you to nowhere, text that runs into oblivion, and random pictures of naked women appearing in the place of articles. I assure you that all of these things are intended features and are by no means "bugs." Especially that last one. That one is definitely a feature.

I hope you enjoy the new site and all the changes that are soon to come as we transition from our elementary blog into a real grown up website. (Because really, who didn't love middle school?).
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