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The new Ultimate Spider-Man should have been a girl.
So Brian Michael Bendis went and broke the internet again. This time with his reveal that the new Ultimate Spider-Man would be a half black, half hispanic teen named Miles Morales. What followed was a minor internet race war, with some fans of the current status quo saying some really ugly, vile things, and going so far as to swear off Marvel Comics completely. And on the lighter side, this: http://bit.ly/ncKlKA

A few creators have made the good point that there is nothing in the back story of Spider-Man that intrinsically says that the character is white. And even if there was it's not like this is a black Peter Parker, it's a completely new character taking up the mantle of Spider-Man.

I for one am happy to see a little more diversity in Marvel's line, as long as it's story motivated (and knowing that Bendis is still behind the helm of this story, I am sure that it will be).

That being said, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed in Bendis' choice of who would carry on Peter's legacy. I was really pulling for Gwen Stacy.

Hear me out on this. In the ultimate universe, there is a very long, convoluted, but plausible explanation for Gwen Stacy developing Spider powers (If you want to hear it, leave a comment and I'll reply with my extremely nerdy answer). Bottom line it's very possible that she could start walking on walls.

More importantly than that, Gwen has been a staple of the Ultimate Spider-Man series since almost the very start. We've watched her grown from a troubled delinquent, into one of Peter's closest friends and most trusted allies, and Aunt May's adopted daughter. For those of us who have been following the series since the beginning, shifting the focus to Gwen would have been a more natural transition given that we have already been following her journey for some time. Given her closeness with Peter, it would have been very logical that she be inspired by his sacrifice , want to carry on his legacy, and push herself to continue to become better.

Additionally this would allow Bendis to almost seamlessly continue one of the greatest long form super hero stories of all time, keeping the characters we've grown to love so dearly firmly in the spotlight. Seeing Peter's supporting cast trying to carry on without him is much more interesting than shifting the focus to an entirely new character in my opinion. While Miles is an interesting choice for a new Spider-Man, I think Marvel missed a golden opportunity with Gwen, the best choice.
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