Glee: Season 1, Episode 2
After viewers were treated to a very entertaining pilot for Fox's new musical show, Glee, there was a definite buzz created. This week's premiere (or is it?) episode of Glee was a continuation of what made the show work and what made the show questionable.

The plot of the episode is pretty standard as the Glee club is getting ready for a performance in front of the entire school. The students are terrified when its revealed they will b e singing "˜Freak Out'. Why, why would Will choose disco? The members of Glee recognize this and decide to capitalize on the school's humorously archaic views of sex by singing push it, much to the joy of the class body.
One thing that has impressed me early on with Glee is how much story they can pack into one episode. Besides the actual performance storyline there is Jane Lynch trying to sabotage Glee club in hilarious fashion, Will dealing with his impossibly loathsome wife (I'll get to her in a bit), Rachel has got the hots for Finn, etc. etc. What matters about this show is that it's funny and self aware, I hope.

Glee has so far been able to keep me enthralled with their well placed jokes interrupting the bullshit high school stuff going on around it. Here's where the show will be made. I say this because I'm worried I will grow to dislike this show, mostly because the characters are all walking archetypes (gay kid, black girl, athlete, mean cheerleader, etc.). While I'm fine with the characters now (because they are funny) I want to see them become more developed people or they will become to feel one note, but I guess it's early so we'll see.

Another major problem that really made this episode less enjoyable than it could have been was Terri Schuster the non-existant in the real world wife of the shows central character, Will. She's shrew, selfish and just basically unbearable. I understand creating a villain but I want more depth, she married Will for Christ sake! Why would he marry such a raving bitch? She is basically Snidely Whiplash and I mean that in the worst way possible. She's not fun to hate, she's gives TV villains a bad name. Oh and the pregnancy that has kept the couple together? Well, she's not really pregnant, so at least there may be a way out of her shitty character somewhere so Will could hook up with guidance counselor, Emma.

Emma and Will are the obvious main love interest on the show. I wonder how it could be interesting since there is no chance in hell they don't end up getting together and having a million babies unless Joss Whedon starts writing for the show and murders her. If the outcome is so obvious, I'm wondering where any of the conflict will arise.

The second episode of Glee was quite entertaining but left me with many questions as to how the show's writers will handle its characters and predictable story arcs. Jane Lynch reminded me of how she is one of the funniest actresses out there as she had a plethora of great one liners especially one suggesting students be hobbled. For now, I need to put my worries aside and just try to enjoy the show that's in front of me now, next week's episode is for future Sam to worry about.


-This episode was an easy A- but the fucking wife character bumped it down for me. Jordan and I discussed how she affected the grade and I thought it would just be unfair to really hobble the episode due to that one character's shittiness.

-I will be using "hobbled" more.

-I sure am swearing more than usual in this review. Shit.

-For this episode's one-liners, Jordan had a running tally and there are some gems in there
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