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Are Cracks Already Showing?
DC Comics has released solicitations for the first three months of New 52 titles and those of us who read the advance solicitations have noticed something rather interesting. Since comics are monthly, we have a rough idea of what to expect from the first three issues of the new slate of titles. And apparently one thing we can expect from Mr. Terrific is a new artist on each issue. Blackhawks (a book that appears to be DC's answer to G.I. Joe) also sees three different artists in as many issues (however that one could be "intentional," not sure yet).

In October, Suicide Squad announced penciller Marco Rudy is to be replaced by Federico Dallacchio. Harvey Tolibao is added to the art credits on Green Lantern: New Guardians (although this could just be to assist with inking). Jay Fabok comes on board Batman: The Dark Knight to assist writer/artist David Finch, and as has been previously announced, Brent Anderson will be picking up a few pages on Action Comics to help keep that book and its increased page count on schedule.

In November we see even more changes. As I already mentioned, new artists for Blackhawks and Mr. Terrific, as well as the aforementioned artists providing assists on aforementioned books. Federico Dallacchio either continues to step in for Marco Rudy or he is the Squad's new penciller. Most surprising to me is that issue 3 of Green Lantern Corps lists Geraldo Borges as penciller instead of Fernando Passarin who did 10 straight issues of Green Lantern Emerald Warriors with no breaks and no assists and had a good two plus months of lead time following the end of the War of the Green Lantern Corps storyline to get a head start on his new monthly assignment.

The message from these shake ups is clear. DC meant business when they said that they are recommitting themselves to making sure that their books ship on time. However, this many artistic substitutions only a few feet out of the starting gate is a troubling omen of what's to come. And then there is the age old debate of what matters more, timeliness or artistic consistency? I tend to come down on the artistic consistency side of things, but I learned to wait on All Star Superman and The Ultimates when those were shipping semi annually. I would prefer to see the headliner artist rather than a pinch hitter, who while often very skilled in their own rights, was often times brought in late and needed to hurry to finish the issue, not always allowing for the most polished final product.

Where do you guys fall on this? Is DC's artistic announcements a sign of trouble for The New 52 before it has even begun? Would you rather have your books ship monthly or are you willing to wait for the headlining artists?
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