Pilot Season Schedule
Pilot Season Schedule
Well folks, it's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas, though we all concede that is pretty awesome (except those of us who prefer Hannukah or Winter Day, which for those of you not in the know is Christmas without the Jesus. Its gonna be a thing.). It is Pilot Season, the time of year where television networks vie for our nightly attentions by throwing out a bunch of new shows for us to watch and hoping something, anything sticks. We always try to cover as many of the new pilots as possible, while also continuing our weekly coverage of some of your returning favorites and adding a few of the buzzed about new shows to our weekly coverage. This year, I am proud to announce, is our biggest pilot season yet here at Review to Be Named. We will be bringing you coverage of 15 new pilots over the next few months, as well as covering 15 new and returning shows on a weekly basis from the start. Below, you will find a schedule of what shows we will be covering, in chronological airing order, including the name of the writer that will be covering it. If you see an asterisk (*) next to the show, that means you can look forward to seeing our coverage every week. Happy watching!

Breaking Bad*(continuing every sunday evening) by Jordan
The Ringer (Tuesday September 13th) by Jordan
Up All Night* (Wednesday, September 14th) by Gaila
The Vampire Diaries* (Thursday September 15th) by Gaila
The Secret Circle (Thursday September 15th) by Gaila
Archer* (Thursday September 15th) by Jordan
How I Met Your Mother* (Monday September 19th) by Sam
Two Broke Girls (Monday September 19th) by Jordan
The Playboy Club* (Monday September 19th) by Rachel
Glee* (Tuesday September 20th) by Gaila
Community* (Thursday, September 22nd) by Jordan
Parks and Rec* (Thursday, September 22nd) by Sam
The Office* (Thursday, September 22nd) by Michael
A Gifted Man (Friday, September 23rd) by Rachel
The Simpsons (Sunday, September 25th) by Sam
Pan Am* (Sunday, September 25th) by Becky
Terra Nova* (Monday, September 26th) by Sam
The League* (Thursday, October 6th) by Sam
Last Man Standing (Tuesday, October 11th) by Sam
Man Up! (Tuesday, October 18th) by Michael
Grimm (Friday, October 21st) by Jordan
Once Upon a Time (Sunday, October 23rd) by Jordan
Allen Gregory (Sunday, October 30th) by Rachel
Bones* (Thursday November 3rd) by Rachel

In addition to those three, we will be covering three shows that have yet to set their return dates:

Top Chef* (TBA Fall 2011) by Michael
30 Rock* (TBA January 2012) by Jordan
Mad Men* (TBA 2012) by Jordan
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