The Vampire Diaries: Season 3, Episode 1
The Birthday
When we last saw Elena, Stefan, and the always enigmatic Damon, Damon had just barely survived a supposed-to-be-fatal werewolf bite, and Elena had finally admitted her feelings for his confused, dying self by finally (finally!) giving him a real kiss. Admittedly, at this point I'm more of a Stefan fan than a Damon fan (I know, I know, I'm the only one) but I must admit it was satisfying to finally watch Elena do what she's obviously been considering for a while. And I definitely have been looking forward to watching the aftermath of that long-in-coming moment. However, as that entire plotline would not even be possible were it not for Stefan's bargain with the ever-mysterious Klaus (who, while handsome and interesting, does not excite me nearly as much as his recently murdered brother, Elijah, who I miss and hope to see again at some point this season). In any case, those two plotlines were the main focus of the season premiere, with a little bit of movement for most of the rest of the cast as well. As there was so much to everyone's separate storylines, I think I'll give a brief rundown of what happened with each of our friends:

Damon and Elena: Elena's birthday was the big event of this episode (this town sure does have a lot of parties). I must say Elena looked particularly pretty this episode, and Nina Dobrev sure does the sad, beautiful, confused look very well. As Stefan has been missing for the summer, Elena has apparently spent the whole time missing him and listening valiantly for any news, while Damon has been doing essentially the same, albeit with the help of his very obedient girlfriend, newscaster lady. I'm glad to see these two spending time together and trying to deal with the absence of their Stefan, but I'm not really interested in the love triangle at this moment. We'll see what happens while Stefan stays missing. Also, I'm interested to see how Damon deals with being the responsible brother. He doesn't seem to be handling it very well as of yet.

Klaus and Stefan: Apparently, Klaus and Stefan are traveling around the Eastern United States, killing people and looking for werewolves. I have to say here that I just don't find Klaus as scary as Elijah, or as gripping as other villains on this show. I am withholding judgment until I actually understand what the heck he is trying to do with Stefan and this hybrid army, but as of now I am much more interested in Stefan. Paul Wesley is doing a great job portraying Stefan as silent and threatening and terrifying and complicated. I am definitely a huge Stefan fan, and I am glad to see him being such a compelling character once again, instead of just throwing himself between Elena and danger. I was legitimately scared by the way he dismembered those women, and I am excited to see what else he does.

Caroline and Tyler: After three-quarters of an episode being all adorable and sexually frustrated, these two finally got it on toward the end of the episode. And it was just as hot and great as anticipated. I am so happy that they just went for it, but now I'm worried about Mrs. Lockwood and what went down at the end of the episode. We'll see.

Matt and Jeremy: Can I just say that these two are not the most interesting pairing, in my opinion? Is it bad that I want something terrible to happen to Matt so he gets more interesting? And I don't know what to think about Jeremy's newfound issues, but I'm hoping it'll be awesome. It's bad enough to have all your girlfriends die on you, but it must be seriously unpleasant to have to see them all the time.

Finally, Alaric: I love the guy. He's a terrible role model, but he is literally the last adult on the show, so I hope they give him something fun to do. And, as always, he and Damon are adorable together.

Overall, this episode had a lot of reestablishing relationships and establishing plotlines. I can't wait to see what Stefan is going to do, and I'm especially glad to see some more of the distinct ways the Salvatore brothers have meltdowns. I love the juxtaposition of the two of them, and I'm hoping there's more as the season progresses. And I do think it's interesting that, at the end of an episode all about reestablishing relationships, almost everybody ends up alone and obviously lonely. I'm so happy to see everyone, and I'm looking forward to what's coming. I know it's going to be awesome.


-Everybody looked good. I know that isn't supposed to be an especially important aspect of reviewing shows, but as attractiveness is the basis upon which the show is set, I think it's worth noting. I liked Elena's outfit at the beginning, which is notable because I usually hate the way she dresses. Everyone's hair is kind of long, which is weird, but they look good. And Stefan is, as always, very very pleasant to look at.

-I love a good brother confrontation. And it seems like there are going to be plenty to come this season. I'm happy. Nobody does broody/angry/dangerous/conflicted like the Salvatore brothers.

-I know it's silly, but I was so used to the ridiculous pace of the back half of the last season that I'm slightly thrown off by the more deliberate pace. However, this is V Diaries, I know shit's about to get crazy real fast.

-Hopefully Bonnie will be around next episode. Hopefully Bonnie will be interesting.

-That's all for now. Thanks! See you next week.
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