The Secret Circle: Season 1, Episode 1
We open with talk of destiny, fate, and the like. Always a good sign for magic-heavy
shows in my opinion as I love flashbacks and also find the interweaving of past and
present, the predestined and the inevitable to be particularly interesting, especially if done
well. And, as we know Kevin Williamson is really quite good at this kind of mythology-
heavy television, I have a good feeling for The Secret Circle.

In any case, our focus in the pilot (and, presumably, in the entire show) is on Cassie,
a blond and very cute recent orphan, who moves to Chance Harbor, Washington after
the fiery death of her mother (caused by a menacing, strong-jawed gentlemen, who
appears later in the show as well). The opening scenes of the show follow the basic new-
girl guidelines: Cassie meets the principal, stands confused in hallways, struggles with
her locker, and meets a cast of high school clichés: mysterious neighbor boy, cute and
approachable boy, bad girl type, follower girl, and overachiever type. We will later learn
that these five make up the Circle, a band of witches descended from others dating back
to the mid 17th century, and to whom Cassie now belongs. The pilot essentially sets all
of this up, from Cassie's new girl status to the roles and functions of each character, and
introduces a couple of mysteries and a potential big bad.

Overall, I enjoyed the show, though it felt pretty slow at times and even slightly dull at
others. I have great faith in Williamson but it is really hard not to compare this brand
new endeavor to the awesome and epic V Diaries. The comparison is not fair at all,
particularly as Vampire Diaries is in its third season and has definitely found its stride,
but I'm hoping that Secret Circle finds its way as well. My main problem with the show
is the shallowness of the characters. I want each of the main six to be five times more
intense: Diana to be more controlling, crazy, and calculating, Faye to be more wild,
badass, and destructive (causing lights to turn off and some rain is not exactly terrifying),
cute boy to be, well, cuter, and more interesting (as I can't remember his name, I think
it's obvious he needs to be more something) (apparently his name is Adam. I will still
refer to him as cute boy), and etc. Britt Robertson as Cassie does a good job, and I enjoy
her performance, but I'd like her to be just a little more emotional and a bit more invested
in the whole thing. We will definitely see how much more fleshed out the characters
become, and I look forward to glimpsing some of their real depth.

Finally, I must say I like the presence of the adults in this sort of witchy conspiracy. I
appreciate the potential villain, menacing, strong-jaw killer man, who turns out to be
Diana's dad, and buddies with Faye's mom. He also threatens cute boy's dad, which is
appropriately unnerving. Generally, I appreciate his creepy, menacing vibe, and I foresee
very good, scary stuff coming from him. I'm very interested in the talk of destiny and
fate, and I look forward to seeing the way the two generations interact, manipulate, and
generally wreck havoc on this little town. We'll see how it goes"¦

Grade: B-


-I like the clothes. It's very funny how the girls are all defined by what they're wearing:
Faye shows cleavage, thus she is the bad girl. Diana wears a vest, so she's uptight. And
Cassie wears BOTH a sundress and a leather jacket, so she's a mixed bag.

-I am already over the love triangle between Cassie, Diana, and cute boy. Hopefully
Cassie gets a better love interest. Cute boy is no Stefan Salvatore.

-I want Cassie to be more of a person, honestly. It's the pilot, so I'm sure she'll get fleshed
out soon. But for now I want her to be more interesting. At least she's pretty"¦

-I am going to continue watching the show, and if I feel it's interesting enough to continue
covering, you'll see more reviews. Here's hoping!
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