Revenge: Season 1, Episode 1

I began watching Revenge with very little idea of the premise or the foundation of the show at all. All I knew was that there was a cute blond girl and fancy parties involved. And, as I am usually pretty appreciative of pretty people in pretty clothes having pretty parties, I thought I'd give the show a shot.

The pilot left much to be desired though, even with those dramatically lowered expectations. I never thought I'd be so bored by the pretty pretty pretty. And it could be I'm growing as a person, so I'm not as satisfied with the shallowness, but let's not get all crazy here. It's more likely that the show itself is so boring even Shallow Gaila was dozing off. Hopefully the next few weeks will kick it into gear, otherwise this may prove to be a season long nap time (or, you know, until its inevitable cancellation).

In any case, the show opens with a voiceover from our heroine, played by Emily VanCamp. We see a body being pulled out of the ocean, while a fancy red and white themed party continues nearby, and that Emily (VanCamp, and on the show) is engaged to the son of the scary-looking woman the center of attention. The rest of the pilot takes place weeks earlier, as Emily moves into a Hampton house, meets people, and launches an elaborate revenge plot apparently long in the planning. Honestly, I was a little confused about the reasons for her elaborate plan: apparently her dad was set up by scary-looking Victoria and her husband, along with the woman who actually owns the house Emily currently rents? Hopefully all of this will be clearer in coming episodes, but for now I'm slightly lost. For the most part, though, I believe the show will focus on Emily's various efforts to avenge her father's downfall and eventual death, and to ruin the lives of those involved with his betrayal.

I was not extremely impressed with the pilot episode. It managed to be both incredibly boring and extremely confusing, which Shallow Gaila did not appreciate. Emil VanCamp is very pretty, but for the most part her face is very emotionless, which I think is a disservice to the supposed rage her character is feeling. Most of the other characters seem dull or too similar to many other characters on tv, so I definitely hope they get more fleshed out and more interesting in coming episodes. By far the best character so far is Victoria, or Queen Victoria as they refer to her on the show. She is scary and calculating and fun, and I really enjoyed seeing her take down her competition in front of all of the Hamptons, without even breaking a sweat. I'd love to see her go truly crazy, and I imagine it will happen soon. It's going to be awesome.

Overall, then, the pilot was not great, mostly because nothing seemed too urgent or intense or even emotional, all of which should be necessary in a show rooted in the passion of revenge. I think if the main character could be more interesting, if a couple of the periphery characters become real people, and if the plot could be more urgent, the show might actually be entertaining. If that happens, I'll continue writing about it.

Grade: D+


-I love the sun is literally shining on golden boy Daniel's head as he enters the show. Subtle, producers.

-Do all rich white people just plan parties all the time?

-Seriously, Queen Vicki is pretty cool. That actress does a good job of displaying the crazy rage underneath the very cool and completely controlled exterior.

-"Same people, same parties, same everything." Tell me about it. This looked and felt so much like Gossip Girl at times that I vaguely forgot I was watching a different show. Especially when Serena van der Woodson's brother kept showing up.

-Emily VanCamp looks really bad with dark hair. Otherwise on the show she looks very cute. She's still bland, though.

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