Parks and Recreation: Season 4, Episode 1
I'm Leslie Knope
Sam Lindauer
Parks and Recreation was one of my most anticipated returning shows of the season and I'm glad to be covering it. We ended last season with a cliffhanger. Leslie has been approached to run for City Council and must choose between her professional dream and her secret boyfriend Ben. I must admit that I have some problems with the Ben/Leslie will they/won't they. For the record, they will eventually. The campaign is a nice roadblock and perhaps it will put that storyline on hold while Leslie runs for office. Anyone have West Wing flashbacks?
In addition to the whole campaign cliffhanger, we were introduced to Tammy 1. She didn't actually show her face until the tag at the end of the show but her presence was expressed wonderfully by the most Emmy snubbed man on the planet, Nick Offerman AKA Ron Fuckin' Swanson. The funniest moment of the night came during the cold open when Ron shoed off his contingency plan for a possible Tammy 1 encounter. It was executed to perfection. A supplies pack and almost a year's worth of vacation days is all Swanson needs to avoid the she-devil that is Tammy 1.
In the C story, we see the entire female population of the local government get sexually harassed. Joe from Waste Management sends all the women a picture of his junk. He always was a great side character but we may have seen the last of him as he was rightfully fired. After seeing what she thinks are deformed testicles, Ann quickly becomes the person everyone sends their dick and balls photos too. This is a bit insane, but I'll let it slide, if just for the ridiculous meeting that's organized by Chris to get the harassment to stop.
But the real drive to the episode lies with Leslie who is in crisis. After visiting Ron at his secluded cabin in the woods, she decides to come clean with Ben. After running out on Ben when he tries to give her a gift, she comes back to talk with him. Turns out he's known the whole time and the gift is a Knope 2012 pin. The scene where Ben "breaks up" with her is all very sweet which has become typical of the show. It also makes sense to break it off while she's running. I think it would be a bit groan inducing if they tried to keep the secret while she ran. It makes sense an I'm sure we'll be seeing the two of them get back together at some point late this season, if not earlier.
This episode seemed to be very heavy on moving the plot forward and I was glad to see that a decision was made about what the shape of this season will look like. I really want to see Leslie in campaign mode, not secret love while trying to manage a campaign"¦mode. I thought Tom's entertainment 720 bits were pretty stale though it gave way to some good April and Andy moments (ALWAYS THE BEST MOMENTS) so that was even redeemed to some extent. I'm just glad we've got this gang back together and I can't wait to see how Knope 2012 turns out (she'll totally lose).


-Ron keeps a sizable amount of ground chuck in his desk. Awesome.
-"If I could go back in time and cut out your eyeballs, I would." Chris to everyone after seeing lewd photos.
-Leslie breaking down in tears after receiving the L shaped éclair was great
-"Sweet, someone's got some lumps on his mumps."
-April's career advice to Andy-So take it, so take it, so don't take it
-Ron's massive beard is glorious.
-While Ron has his chuck beef, Leslie has her emergency S'more rations
-"I'm Ron Swanson and you're Leslie Fucking Knope"
-Let Knope be Knope (What? Wrong show? Ok, whatever you say.)
-We got our first (of hopefully many) "Beat it Kyle" of the season
-Jerry's got a huge penis apparently
-We find out that Ron is getting audited thanks to Tammy 1.
-Also Ron: "I have the toes I have"
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