The Vampire Diaries: Season 3, Episode 2
The Hybrid

I'm fairly sure at this point that Kevin Williamson could do something unspeakably horrible to me and I'd still be ok with it, so long as he continues delivering insanely awesome episodes of The Vampire Diaries like this week's. The man is so good, he could get away with quite a lot. Seriously, I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen, as every storyline was intense and captivating and ridiculously engrossing. I was worried after the whirlwind that was the last season that the show might falter upon its return. I guess there was no reason to worry.

I should back up. There were, I guess, four main storylines for this week, though two of those were more connected at one point. I'll describe each, and then freak out about how great everything is as a whole. Because that's how I roll. Sound good?

The main story, I guess, would be Klaus and Stefan's continuing journey of death and destruction. Last week I complained about Joseph Morgan's Klaus, suggesting that his villainy wasn't quite as terrifying as his brother's. I don't know if Joseph Morgan received my criticism subliminally (but I'm guessing he did) because he was so scary this week! From his meeting and subsequent attack of the werewolf pack, to his anger at Stefan for allowing Rick to escape, to his rage at the end at the dissolution of his master plan, I was genuinely frightened about where his unhappiness might lead. We also found out more about his master plan, which involves creating an army of hybrids to help him control the world. At this point I'm still confused about why he'd need an army when he is obviously the scariest and most powerful of all mystical creatures, but I'm sure that will be explained more deeply at some point. Stefan is still sad and scary and broody, all of which Paul Wesley does so well, and the hint of deep caring evident during his encounter with Damon was really moving. I like the drama of his descent into darkness, but I care enough about him as a person to want his redemption. That is compelling character development by any standard I use.

Elena, Alaric, and Damon did some hunting this week, after Elena, Queen of the stupid plans, once again manages to convince a normally intelligent man, and then two men, to accompany her on a suicide mission to track Stefan and Klaus and the werewolf pack. That girl does have some dumb plans, but she's so cute and selfless and caring, to the point that even I kind of understood how she convinced her men to come with her. I love Alaric, and am always happy to spend time with him, and I think Ian Somerhalder did some good work this week with Damon, during his chat with Stefan and definitely toward the end of the episode when he and Elena had the most intense (and hot) moment of the episode. Nina Dobrev and Ian sure do have some great chemistry. I'm honestly glad that Stefan's out of their way for the time being.

Jeremy and Matt had a bit of an adventure as well this week, as they navigate Jeremy's newfound problem. At first, I thought the Jeremy/Matt stuff was boring in comparison to the other stuff happening, but once the girls showed up, I was hooked. I still wish Matt would be more of a person. Can he become a wizard or some such thing, just to have something epic to deal with? Because on The Vampire Diaries, mystical complications tend to lead to actual character development, and Matt needs some.

Finally, after Mrs. Lockwood kidnapped Caroline, Tyler shows her that he could also be considered a monster. This lead to a scene that was really only good because Tyler is such a compelling character at this point. I am so impressed with the way the creators transformed both Caroline and Tyler, both boring and cliché characters at the beginning of the show, into such worthwhile and interesting people. I love watching the two of them, even when they're separated, as in this episode.

Overall, I just loved the episode. So much is happening, and I am in love with everyone involved. I can't wait til next week!

Grade: A


-There's another gross pasty old guy father figure for us all to hate. Let's see how that goes.

-Why is Klaus keeping Stefan around?? I'm dying to know.

-I love Tyler. I love Stefan. I love all the boys on this show. And speaking of which, I will now keep a tally of the shirtless appearances of Mystic Falls menfolk. This week: 2, Alaric and Tyler. Yes please.

-"Binge drinking on the countryfolk." Lovely, Damon. But also true.

-That's all. Except to note: This show is awesome.

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