HIMYM: Season 7, Episode 3
The Ducky Tie
Sam Lindauer
This week's How I Met Your Mother was a true return to form. It gave me just about everything (though if it had the mother that would be nice) I look for in a very good HIMYM. WE had a fun B story that involved a bet with Barney and the Ted A story gave us not the mother but a resolution with someone who could have been "the one". Last week we ended seeing Victoria back in Ted's life. This week, we got the retelling of their meeting from Ted and Robin who were both at the party. More importantly we get the ducky tie. This was also mentioned in last week's show and its good to see it pay off so quickly.
Something so insignificant like the gang noticing that Lily's boobs have grown thanks to pregnancy make for a B plot that was not only hilarious but had some implications for the rest of the season (a bet!). We also got some great Marshall lines as he was so giddy to finally get the gang to Shin Jitsu. The way Barney played the long con to get them to make a wager on Lily's boobs was a stroke of brilliance and gave the episode its belly laughs while the Ted and Victoria storyline gave it heart.
Ted of course feels bad about cheating on Victoria all of those seasons ago. Thanks to typical Ted thinking, he believes that fate has brought them back together and that he needs to wash her dishes after the party to somehow make things right. For a second it seems like he might be right until she drops the bomb that she's about to get married to Klaus, who she met in Germany. When the two kiss it seems to be a bad HIMYM set up (though having the gang go "Bang, bang, bangity bang" was a reminder that this episode is better than that) but thankfully Victoria realizes that she really wants to be with Klaus.
What may be most important about this show is the self awareness it reveals that I don't think I've ever really seen with this show. Ted asks what would have happened with the two of them had they stayed together and Victoria says that Robin would still get in the way. Victoria says what ever major HIMYM fan already knows"”Robin still to this point in the show was the love of Ted's life and it is totally weird that he, Robin and Barney all still hang out as much as they do. It's something most sit-coms of this ilk do not like to recognize because they need their main cast to continue to hang out, even if they've all slept together. Future Ted said that Victoria was right and they just hadn't realized it yet. It'll be really interesting to see if the show continues to stay focused with Ted. I think this episode is proof that this show still has plenty of life in it when they focus on Ted's big story and give the rest of the gang some fun work to do. Well constructed and funny, this was one of the best HIMYM episodes in a long time.


-"Lily, it's like you have a butt on your chest"
-NPH peeking at Lily's boobs was always funny
-Robins awkward interaction was nice
-"Let the dinner-tainment begin!" I love how Marshall loves things
-I really do NOT like Barney's new "Hashtag" thing
-The boob bet ground rules between Barney and Lily is hilarious
-"It's a hustle, we're getting hustled" Lily on finding out about Barney's trips to Hoboken for training
-Barney's sneezes for Marshall conditioning
-Klaus from class bit was fun
-We get a good Lily, "YOUSONOFABEECH!"
-"Well, we're gonna duck out. Sorry to leave you the bill."
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