Up All Night: Season 1, Episode 3
Working Late and Working It

This week was yet another thoroughly awesome episode of Up All Night. I first thought it might be considered less goofy than the two previous episodes, but upon reconsidering the episode in its entirety I realized that is was pretty darn goofy. I definitely laughed out loud numerous times, which is always a good sign for comedies (though less so for my sanity, alone in my room, laughing to myself). Once again my review will be less critical and more effusive, though if Up All Night continues to be this great I doubt anyone can fault me for the praise.

So the first main storyline this week revolved around Chris and his efforts to re-insert the sexiness into his relationship with Reagan, who is not really feeling the sexy after having a baby and then returning to fifteen hour workdays. This has definitely been done before, as nearly all TV shows with new moms address the changes they're dealing with in terms of their bodies, lack of time and energy for focus on appearance, and the reaction of those by her husband. That being said, I felt Up All Night did this familiar plot extremely well, from Reagan's version of "more comfortable" to Chris's interaction with his new friend (WillForte! yes, please) and new clothes, and his terrible attempts at subtlety. Basically everything Chris did in this episode was hilarious, including his insistence on Gwyneth Paltrow recipes, his terribly misguided dog bouquet, and his vague attempts at sexiness. Reagan was great in this episode too, as she scarfs down gnocchi in a truly disgusting manner, adopts a "fancy" British accent when offended by Chris's entreaties to be more sexy, and then brings the "rec room on the outside, strip club on the inside" as her compromise. Altogether, a very very funny plot.

The other plot this week centered on Ava's dealing with "the love of her life" getting married. Maya Rudolph is hilarious. Her breakdown was particularly funny, as she couldn't manage to actually destroy anything. I appreciated the horrible 80's video, which was perfect, but I also appreciated the show's efforts to illustrate and ground Ava and Reagan's friendship. As funny as Ava is in general, her strength on the show is still going to lie within her relationship to Chris and Reagan, and I thought this episode did a good job of exhibiting the closeness of their friendship. Rudolph's Ava started out as such a broad construction it was possible she would torpedo the gentle, well observed comedy as the show's center, but she is quickly adapting to the rhythms of the ensemble, and while this plot line was still crazy and broad, it was grounded in her real feelings, which shows promising progress.

Overall, a very funny and entertaining half hour of television. Once again, I found myself thinking "I love them" at least twenty times throughout the episode, and I definitely think that's a good sign. I can't wait til next week!

Grade: A


"Let's assess your underwear."

-Will Forte, who we've seen before on How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock and SNL among other things, is very funny. I hope he sticks around. It'd be awesome if both Chris and Reagan had a really hilarious BFF.

-"I've been studying Latin dance and discovered that it is...much too difficult."

-I feel like the actual baby never gets anything to do. Just sayin.

-"They're Swedish. Made by Bjorn Bjorg." "The tennis player makes underwear?" "No the underwear maker played tennis."

-I would watch Ava attempt to destroy things for an entire episode. Maybe more.

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