The Vampire Diaries: Season 3, Episode 3
The End Of The Affair

I have to admit, there are few things I look forward to more than my weekly episode of The Vampire Diaries. Especially as the episodes continue to contain so much excitement, story, ridiculousness, and just plain awesomeness. This week definitely kept up the ridiculous pace, but did a good job of focusing on just two main plots, so that the real meat and intensity of the stories were more concentrated and better realized. Plus, this was a flashback heavy episode, which are always better served when allowed to develop at the center of a story.

With that out of the way, I'll detail a little what went down this week. Klaus and Stefan traveled to Chicago, where Klaus regaled us with tales of Stefan's killer history in that city. Just when my curiosity about Klaus's interest in Stefan, and his extensive knowledge about Stefan's past, was about to consume me, the show let us in on some major secrets: Klaus and Stefan were BFFs in the 1920s, when the two of them, plus Klaus's little sis (!) terrorized the city from their haven at Gloria's. Gloria's, a bar run by an attractive witch named, appropriately, Gloria, was the site of some major nastiness of Stefan's, and where Stefan even mentored Klaus in the art of being terrifying. All of this is huge, not only because it explains Klaus's weird interest in Stefan, and because it showcases some more of Stefan's previous awfulness, but also because it gives Stefan a real stake in this next phase of Klaus's plan. Before, Stefan was mostly pretending to go along with Klaus, to keep his brother and Elena safe, and to maybe attempt to keep Klaus reined in. Now, Stefan has the, I guess good memories of the decade, and he has the chance to descend right back into his former life, with even more excitement and fun to be had. His confrontation with Elena, when he tells her he is really done with her and with his life with her, becomes even more credible by the end of the episode.

That brings us to the plot with Damon and Elena, which was pretty much entirely intertwined with the main plot. The two head out on yet another road trip, thanks to the very helpful guidance of the returning Katherine. Once in Chicago, Elena is forced to confront the scariness of her boyfriend one more time, as Damon introduces her to Stefan's wall o' victims. Elena and Stefan finally get to actually see each other, which is great, first in the terrifying scene at Stefan's old apartment when Klaus almost busts Elena, and then outside Gloria's, in the aforementioned confrontation scene. Damon is great, as usual, putting everything on the line for his brother, being inappropriate with Elena, and trying (unsuccessfully) to hide his horror at her near discovery. We will see how Elena reacts to Stefan's rebuff, and if she will finally, at long last, jump into the arms of the all-too-willing Damon.

Finally, Caroline was dealing with some stuff this week, as her father keeps her locked in a dungeon and attempts to condition her to loathe the presence of human blood. There isn't much to say about this storyline, though I found it really disturbing and slightly heavy-handed. I think the issues with the town being such a long-standing vampire hating zone are interesting, but I'm glad the torture was kept to one episode. I like Caroline too much to be able to stomach that kind of violence, and I found her dad truly gross. Plus, I need Tyler and Caroline to be together. They're too adorable to be kept away from one another.

Overall, another amazing episode. I loved the flashbacks, and I love the twists of Klaus's sister, not only existing but then returning, and then of Stefan being Klaus "˜brother'. I can't wait to see what happens next"¦

Grade: A


-I hope they give Katherine some stuff to do this season. She's so awesome, but not when she's just trapped in places (apartments, caves, underground dungeons, etc).

-Who is Klaus running from??

-I literally had the thought: "Gloria is black. She's the only black person on the show who isn't a witch. Is she a witch?" And then she turned out to be a witch. Oh V Diaries

-Stefan sure is scary sometimes. So is Klaus.

-It's weird that half the cast wasn't in this episode, though I think any more additions would have been overwhelming. Really, though, where's Bonnie?

-See you next week!

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