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Random Pop Culture Question of the Week is a bi-weekly journey into the headspace of the Review to Be Named gang, in which a pop-culture question is posed, answers are sought, and discussions are generated about issues and hypotheticals from throughout the realm of pop culture.

This week's question comes from our own Rachel, who asked,
Because I'm all about being interdisciplinary: if you could pull one of your favorite TV stars into the movies (or put one of your favorite film stars on TV) who would you like to see breech the gap, and why? What would be the dream role you'd like to see them take?


I can answer this question instantly, if only because Sam and I have talked about one particular dream of mine in this area literally dozens of times. If I could take one TV star and pull him into the movies to play a specific role, I would like to see Michael C. Hall (who plays the title character on Dexter for those unfamiliar) pulled up to the big screen to play The Riddler in a future Batman movie. Hall is a phenomenal actor who is criminally undervalued and deserves a much bigger and more diverse acting career, and I think this is the role that would catapult him to stardom. Viewers of Six Feet Under already know he can play pained repression and self-righteous morality very well, and anyone who has sat through an episode of Dexter probably has no issues seeing him as a psychopath. He is perfectly positioned to play both Edward Nashton and his criminal alter ego, and I imagine watching him test the brain power of the Dark Knight would be an absolute blast. Plus, this laugh is perfect:

As a bonus answer (with me, you always get at least two, though this one Sam won't agree with), and because it always comes up in the same discussion, I would kill to see Christina Hendricks play Poison Ivy. Just think about that for a moment and try not to get excited. (Second bonus answer: David Strathairn as Mr. Freeze. Though Strathairn has done both television and film in near-equal measure, so I don't know if that applies here). Did I just cast the next several Batman movies after The Dark Knight Rises? I can only hope...


Jordan, first I am going to take credit for Strathairn as Mr. Freeze and second I maintain that Hendricks would not be a great Poison Ivy. She's a great, beautiful red-headed actress but that doesn't automatically make her Ivy material. But this argument is for another day which we will undoubtedly encounter sometime soon. Let me get to my (one!) answer here and it was an easy one. I want to see Jack Nicholson do a television series. Nicholson is classic Hollywood in that television is beneath him. He has never starred on a television show and the last time his face appeared on a fiction program (not counting talk shows and even then he hasn't been on one since the 70s) was in 1967. The obvious choice would be to throw him on HBO and have him do something like that, but I see him doing an AMC show. Dustin Hoffman has already staked out the film legend goes to TV role on the premium giant. I think the question asking what role he or she should play is interesting in that it supposes that they would be remaking, adapting or starring in a biopic. Jack will have none of that bullshit for television. Give him something original, he's already gone down the Batman road (seems to be a pattern here). But if I must choose a role, here goes. Nicholson should play what he plays best--himself. I'd watch a dramatic series about a Hollywood legend who used to bang chicks half his age come to terms with being old in Hollywood. Nicholson has said in a recent interview that he no longer thinks he can just go to a bar and pick up women. Being a man in his 70s will do that to you. Of course this will never happen because he won't stoop down to the small screen. A man of his charisma needs to fill a theater.


Just for the record, I'd love to see Christina Hendricks as Poison Ivy, mostly because I think she has been criminally underused in film, and recently when she hits the big screen, she's relegated to the role of random best friend, and it would be a travesty if she got Judy Greer-ed for the rest of her film career. Also, she proved in Firefly that she can play a villain, and well, and seeing as Poison Ivy's main evil power is being incredibly sexy, I think Hendricks could pull it off pretty easily. I mean, really.

Christina Hendricks

But my real answer to this question is a little up-and-comer named Ryan Cartwright. Most of you might know him as John Hooker, aka Mr. Moneypenny, from Mad Men, the British secretary who insists he isn't a secretary who swoops in and attempts to encroach on Joan's territory following the British takeover of Sterling Cooper. He proved his quirky adorable-ness there, but really solidified my love for him as Squintern Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray on Bones (who, one night, borrowed your iguana and wore it as a hat. That's how awesome he is). His painful exit from that show (I swear, I'm still weeping over it) led him to a recent acquisition for me, Alphas, where he plays Gary, an autistic twenty-something with the ability to see and manipulate radio waves with the flick of a wrist. As the first season of Alphas progressed, the writers clearly realized, as did I, that Cartwright is the comedic heart of that show, making him more and more prominent in the fantastic ensemble cast. Not that I want him to be typecast or anything, but I think Cartwright could pretty easily make the jump to the silver screen as the lovable nerd, hopefully to replace Michael Cera, who at this point I really just cannot stand. Plus, Cartwright has a delightful British accent and a dry comedic timing that never fails to make me giggle.


For me, it would be easier to answer the opposite of this question. Stay where you're meant to be, people. Don't stray too far. And for God's sake, Hollywood, stop trying to make Jason Bateman a movie star! This question is also way harder for me because I am often way behind the times. I just start getting back into Breaking Bad and Brian Cranston is already playing Julia Robert's husband in terrible Tom Hanks movies?! I do have one notable suggestion to Hollywood: Timothy Olyphant deserves work. Now, Olyphant has had movie roles before, including lead roles. But they are uniformly terrible, and uniformly dumb. Meanwhile, the guy can hold his own against acting legend Ian McShane on Deadwood and singlehandedly makes Justified one of the best, smartest dramas on TV (well, him and the theme song). His TV work is so uniformly good, even on simple guest spots, that the comparatively retched movie work he does must be the fault of the scripts/producers/ his agent. And honestly, Jason Statham has way too firm a grip on cool-headed, violent-prone, charming loners. Give somebody else a try.

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