HIMYM: Season 7, Episode 4
The Stinson Missle Crisis
Sam Lindauer
Sorry for the late review everyone but my DVR did not record HIMYM last night. My bad. This year's season has been off to a great start and I'm starting to feel like an abused spouse. I know HIMYM has done some bad stuff lately but it'll go back to how it was when we met! Remember that? You were so much fun, HIMYM. We'd just sit and laugh and talk about finding Ted's bride, it was great. This year you've been acting real sweet my way with your Ted-relevant storylines that wrap up actual stories that were important to the plot. But last night you showed signs that maybe you'll never be the show I fell in love with on Jordan's floor covered in Cheeze-It crumbs.
As far as I can tell, last night's show had nothing to do with Ted and it didn't even have a narration so I guess we're gonna just forget about the whole Ted telling his kids part. Fine. I may be a bit disappointed with this week's show because it had a lot of Barney and Norah and a kind of weak B-story with Lily and Marshall. Ted was there too, but as I've posited before he is the third wheel to the show. Right now it's about Robin/Barney and Lily/Marshall. Ted is acting like the third wheel this week while trying to keep Lily from drinking "a little bit" of wine. Lily, don't drink the wine, you'll have a funky baby. Also get a new doctor who clearly isn't insane (I did enjoy the flashfoward to Lily giving birth while the doctor is trying to tear the child from her loins. Also how does this flashfoward logistically work since Ted isn't telling the story? Robin can't know because she's telling the story to her shrink, competently portrayed by Kal Penn, while Lily is still pregnant.)
Not to say my note taking during these episodes offers much to you, dear reader, but it does tell me something. Everything I thought worth remembering came from the B story and that's because it had some solid jokes about third wheels (can't have salt and pepper without cumin). The contrived telling of how Robin was put into court-mandated therapy for attacking a woman would only have paid off if she made Norah bite the curb. If the creators of HIMYM are reading this (I know for a fact they are) I would like to see Norah get curb stomped by Robin. If you want to evaluate how a character just ask yourself to describe the character without any physical words. I can't think of anything for Norah beyond, she's nice I guess. I don't understand why Barney really gives that much of a crap about Norah and the quicker she bites the curb the happier everyone will be.
I didn't hate this week's show. I even laughed a few times. But even then, I found myself completely bored. Robin wants Barney and Ted can be kind of possessive about Lily and Marshall? Been there done that.


-I really enjoyed Barney's gay alter-ego, Jack Fantastic. Can't say it isn't a brilliant plan,
-"I honor your body's wisdom"
- Batman and Robin and Alfred
- Lady and the Tramp and the bowl of spaghetti
- Frankenstein and his monster and angry townsperson
- R2D2 and C3P0 and that other droid Luke's uncle almost bought
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