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The Draw of (Breakfast at)Tiffany's
Breakfast at Tiffany's: the Draw of Tiffany's
October 5, 2011

This year marks the 50-year anniversary of the timeless classic Breakfast at Tiffany's, one of those movies that every girl loves. In my apartment of 3 girls, we have 2 copies of the DVD. I recently re-watched it with one of my roommates, and I was struck with how sad it was.

Growing up, I remember the movie as a romance. Holly (Audrey Hepburn) is an independent spunky woman who falls for Paul/ George's (George Peppard) classic style, a story about chemistry and the simple equation of opposites attracting.

But when I watched it again, I was struck at how tragic a character Holly Golightly is. In the book she is a call girl, a hooker. The money she gets for the "˜powder room' is the movie network's subtle way of implying her profession, a fact that I completely missed in most viewings of the movie. Holly is a poor girl that ran away to the big city and is selling herself for the entertainment of men. She was trained for the role, her "˜agent' admits to removing her country accent.

But I still loved her. Maybe it was my love of Audrey Hepburn, who, I recently found out, was one of the few actors to have received an EGOT to date. Maybe it is how I can relate to being a small town girl in a big city. Maybe it's the amazing outfits and beautiful shots that don't capture Holly as a character to be pitied or scorned.

No matter the complications of Holly's character, the movie touches me. It might be the nostalgic style or just the old time feeling it evokes. Maybe it is the beautiful way the film is shot, or the intricate and complicated symbolism throughout (a Cracker Jack's engagement ring that we never learn what the engraving says, a cat named Cat that's lost in the pouring rain). Maybe it's the ending monologues and the relatable love story side. I love how the book it's based on was written by Truman Capote. Capote is most well known for writing In Cold Blood. Holly's character in the novella Breakfast at Tiffany's is supposedly based on a girl who visited the criminals In Cold Blood was written about while they were in jail.

I'm sure come Halloween there will be lots of Audrey Hepburns and Holly Golightlys trick or treating in honor of the anniversary. I wonder how many of those girls have re-watched the movie lately. I wonder how many see the complexity of Holly's character. I am still struggling to decide if she is a tragic character or a hero, but regardless it will always be one of the movies in my DVD collection.

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