The Vampire Diaries: Season 3, Episode 4
Disturbing Behavior
This week's The Vampire Diaries was so full of storylines, I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around it. The Vampire Diaries is always a plot-heavy show, and it is that constant excitement and movement that makes the show as good as it is. However, some episodes can be slightly overwhelmed by story, and in those cases character development has to take a backseat. This was one of those episodes, though there was a bit of character stuff thrown in as well. Let's attempt to organize all of what happened:
Last week, the Dream team of Stefan and Klaus added a third member, Klaus's sister, Rebekah, another Original, and a past love of Stefan's.

In this episode, we're still in Chicago, as our terrible trio does some shopping, some drinking, and some investigating. Klaus and Rebekah are very interested on the whereabouts of Rebekah's old necklace, originally owned by the very first witch and currently residing around Elena's neck, proof of her and Stefan's everlasting love. The trio enlists Gloria's help to find the necklace, which begins reacting strangely back at the Gilbert house.

Stefan and Katherine

Katherine shows up as well, to figure out how exactly Stefan planned to thwart his Original companions, and his plan is never really clear, as he first gets captured and tortured by Gloria in an effort to find the necklace and Elena, and then gets found out and tattled on by Rebekah, who senses his duplicity. The big twist at the end of the episode finds Klaus and Stefan back in Mystic Falls, which is both terrifying and awesome. There was a lot happening with the trio this episode, so I'm still a little unsure how I feel about everything, but I think the big return is definitely going to be interesting.

Damon and Elena

Meanwhile, there is also a lot going on with our friends in Mystic Falls. While Elena continues to deny her incredibly obvious attraction to Damon and Alaric warns Damon to back off, the man in question does what he does best: reacts badly, and throws a little fit. Damon kills Alaric (for the night. That ring sure comes in handy when Damon's feeling testy), then attempts to actually kill Caroline's father (she saves him, but back to that later). When Elena rushes in to berate him yet again (seriously, how many times has she said the words "what is wrong with you??" to that man?), he calls her out, reminding her that he is both a monster, and not his brother, two excellent points. This is basically the only real character stuff in this episode, and it is very welcome, and very well-acted. Damon has a point: either admit you're attracted to him, for him, which is fine, or don't, but don't try to make him his brother. Later, Caroline essentially says the same thing, which is good, as Elena really needs to just admit what's happening, so we can all enjoy the relief.


Jeremy is dealing with his ghost girlfriends, particularly Anna, who continuously pops up right when Bonnie's around. Yay Bonnie's back! Bonnie has the unenviable task of trying to figure out the deal with Elena's necklace, while also dealing with her boyfriend's strange behavior. I am curious to see how the Jeremy storyline plays out. Where is Anna, why is she alone, and what's going to happen?

Caroline and Tyler

Caroline and Tyler were adorable, as usual. Caroline's dad is really strange, and I hope he leaves for a while, not only because he creeps me out, but because he's hurting her feelings, and I don't like that.

Whew! That was so much stuff. Basically, a very entertaining episode, but I think there was a little too much going on. I think it'd be better if the show sticks to two or three plots, instead of five or six, if only for my sanity. This might be remedied by the return of the trio, as having most of the characters in one place will consolidate things.

Although with Damon and Katherine on a road trip, who knows what will happen?

Grade: B



Klaus's name is Nick Klaus. Just putting that out there.

I'm curious to see what Katherine is doing. Why is she interested in helping? What's in it for her?

The humans of the town are attempting to actual be players in the craziness that is their town. Maybe this will be the year of the humans? I doubt it. Although with Alaric in charge, I have a little bit more hope. And significantly more interest.

I think there was only one shirtless V Diaries boy this week. That's too few!

I was really scared when Rebekah called Stefan out. And now I'm legitimately scared that Klaus has returned to Mystic Falls. Everything is about to be so intense!

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