HIMYM: Season 7, Episode 5
Field Trip
Sam Lindauer
WARNING: The following review is laced with expletives as I am not creative enough to put my disappointment forth in more eloquent terms. Sorry, I'm just a bit bored.

I'm tired, so very tired of being right about HIMYM. Last week I mentioned how we lacked any narration showing that the show isn't really about HIMYM, but it is rather a cover for the Barney and Robin show. Well this week we continue with at least the Robin show. Except this time Ted narrates to his kids that their friend Robin is in therapy. I have zero patience at this point to go through all of the storylines of this week's episode so I'll neatly manage them simply and separately.

At least the show is smart enough to give Kal Penn something more to do than sitting in a chair asking Robin questions about her messed up love life. Unfortunately, they decide to have her start DATING HER THERAPIST. Not only is this fucked up, it's actually kind of a played out story in television. Are we supposed to feel a kind of joy as Robin begins dating another man that isn't Barney or Ted? Because we know how these things work. It's a great relationship until someone realizes they want to be with someone else. It's why the Norah and Barney relationship doesn't work, it's why every Ted relationship that's not with the mother or Robin doesn't work and it's why this one doesn't work. Relationships on television need to have some mystery otherwise it's a matter of waiting for the end (again see fucking Parks and Recreation's April and Andy-who saw that wedding coming?) I'm glad that Ted took the time out to tell his children about that weird time when Robin was dating her therapist and stuff.

Ted also takes time out of his unbearably long story to tell his kids about that time he took his class on a field trip and nothing worked out. Ostensibly this was played for comedy.

This was the only story that actually seemed worth any of the running time because it actually moved a character forward in their life. Unsatisfied with how Mr. Koons is handling the mitigation with these evil corporations, Marshall stands up for what he believes in and makes his boss really go to war (not unlike an Ewok) and saves the planet somehow. I actually enjoyed the whole eating cake bit to deal with the impending doom of the Earth. In fact the only laughs drawn from this week for me came from Jason Segel. Shocking, I know.

This week we had some bullshit about an Ewok age cutoff (anyone who is not a child should hate the Ewoks because they are fucking stupid. Give me a goddamn break Barney, you have a Stormtrooper in your apartment, not an Ewok. Fuck those little furry shits, they were there for toys. Case closed.) and a meaningless relationship with a wasted comedic talent. I get that every episode can't be about finding the mother, but at least make something better than this. Fuck.

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