How I Met Your Mother: Season 5, Episode 1
This week's How I Met Your Mother picked up right now instead of where we left off at the end of last season. And what a place we are! The main focus of this week's episode is the relationship between Robin and Barney, a match made in tv heaven. I don't think there's a couple on TV that deserve each other more than these two. We find out that they have been sleeping together while keeping it a secret from the rest of the gang.

When Lily catches wind of the fact that they are in fact still sleeping together she pleads them to have "The Talk" about where the relationship is going. Of course NPH and Colby Smulders find hilarious ways of avoiding having the talk about whether the two are in fact boyfriend and girlfriend.

Lily locks the pair in a room until the have the dreaded talk and won't let them leave until they figure out where their relationship is going, if anywhere at all. This gives way to probably the funniest recurring gag in the episode as Marshall whips the door with an Indiana Jones style whip with hat (for professor Mosby) and shouts "Not good enough!" with every failing attempt at convincing Lily that the talk has happened. Robin and Barney eventually have the talk after being tempted by pancakes and bacon. They decide to lie (The only thing they are both good at and willing to do) and tell Marshall and Lily that they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

As Barney and Robin leave the apartment thinking they've pulled a fast one on Marshall and Lily, it's revealed that Lily and Marshall both knew they were lying (so does the audience) and that they don't realize the really are together, even if they can't admit it. A great capper to a funny and plot advancing episode.
Something that irked me a bit about many episodes from last year were that many episodes did not advance the plot on the show. The story is part of what makes this one of the best shows on TV. Apparently they needed stand alone episodes to draw more fans in. All it takes is season one to get anyone hooked to this show.
This episode gave everything a HIMYM fan could want, Robin and Barney being adorable, Ted being a bit clueless yet still charming (in a plotline I will sum up in notes, this review belongs to Robin and Barney), and Lily and Marshall being the married couple that like to fuck like there's no tomorrow. Oh yeah, there's an Indiana Jones reference and Jason Segal with a whip. It doesn't get better than this. I hope the rest of the season can keep up with this amazing start.



-Meanwhile, the newly employed Professor Ted Mosby is freaking out about his first day of school. He has a hilarious, albeit typical, first day of class nightmare where he has no pants. No pants is always funny. There"”that's the Ted bit, funny but no where near Robin and Barney territory tonight.

-I want to be Marshall's friend

-The way they said "What?!" tonight was hilarious

-No one ever seems to tell Marshall about tuxedo night
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