HIMYM: Season 7, Episode 6
Mystery vs. History
Sam Lindauer
Somewhere amongst the childish swearing and ranting in last week's HIMYM review I think I acknowledged how stand-alone episodes are necessary. This week the show had a decent episode that had no real ties to advancing the main plot of the show. Unless you think Ted dating a random chick is relevant to how he met the mother, it was really just an episode to provide a few laughs. I think in this regard, it was a successful episode. Nothing great and certainly forgettable, "Mystery vs. History" was a fine distraction but nothing more.
The episode hinges on the idea that smart phones and the Internet in general makes it impossible to have any real mysteries. To some extent this is true but conversations about "best" and "worst" will never really have an answer online (though I'm pretty sure the fact that Batman is the best superhero is backed by some scientific data). This week we learn how Barney and Robin research any woman who quickly agrees to go out on a date with Ted. Can I just add that Ted gets AROUND. My god, he must have dated like 200 women just since the start of the show. Ted gets a date with Janet McEntyre who seems to have major dirt on her but in reality it just turns out she is beyond perfect. After making a typically Ted contrivance of not allowing himself to look her up or her him, he breaks and finds out how accomplished she is. This intimidates him and he screws the date up. Shockingly, Janet is not the mother. This storyline was both the A plot and less amusing of the two.
The B story involved Lily and Marshall avoiding the sex of their baby. The envelope with the sex was kind of Chekov's gun as it was clear we'd learn the sex eventually. This story was the most fun thanks to Neil Patrick Harris' attempts at finding out and he and Robin's screwing with Lily and Marshall when they did find out was great. Kal Penn continues to feel like a weird appendage to the group. His presence paid off when he went over all the ways the group is completely dysfunctional. Of course he's right about all their eccentricities (varying mental illnesses). We find out in the end that Lily and Marshall are having a boy, which is great, and just continues the march toward the inevitable birth episode. So no fun ranting on this episode. It was solid. Don't get me wrong, I'll take these over stuff like last week anytime.

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