HIMYM: Season 7, Episode 7
Sam Lindauer
This week's How I Met Your Mother was a good effort and greatly helped by guest spots from just about everyone's family (save Robin's dad, Ray Wise). We see Barney's mom and brother, Marshall's dad, Lily's dad and Ted's mom. All welcome returns as Francis Conroy, Wayne Brady and Chris Elliot have all greatly contributed to the show. Kudos to them and getting all the character's story to come together actually worked.
In my sadly usual, "How will HIMYM screw itself this week?" mode I thought this week's episode would be a dud. From the top of the show it kind of looked that way. Watching Barney salivate over finally getting to bang Norah was a bit stale and kind of shitty even for him as Robin moped next to Kal Penn (who I am waiting to leave though he was solid this week). Also possibly horrifying for the episode was Lily mentioning how she didn't think she looked sexy anymore given her weight gain from being pregnant. As much as I can't wait for Kal Penn to leave, I REALLY want that baby to come on out so I don't have to deal with pregnant problems. Of course then we'll get baby problems. Oh, the trouble that knocking up a sitcom character brings.
But as soon as that random guy committed suicide in front of Barney and Norah, things took a turn for the better. The cameos, especially the back and forth between Lily and Marshall's fathers, brought a freshness to the show that I didn't really think of it needing until I saw it on my television. Norah singing "My Favorite Things" with Frances Conroy was fun and also lead to a good anal sex joke from NPH later on. Though it's problematic that Barney ostensibly fucked his mom in the ass.
The cherry on top of this episode was Kal Penn pointing out, yet again, how fucked up the relationship between Robin and Ted is. It wasn't necessarily funny, but it was good to see the show acknowledge how weird this is. Also it set up the Weird Al ending which leads to my explanation for my grade. This episode would get a solid B or a weak B+ if not for the fact that TED REALLY INSPIRED WEIRD AL TO WRITE LIKE A SURGEON. Best cameo this show has ever done. Period.

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