The Vampire Diaries: Season 3, Episode 8
Ordinary People
Oh my goodness, my brain is positively dripping with new information form this week's Vampire Diaries. One of my absolute favorite things about this show is its ability to utilize the extended mythology it's created based on the Originals, curses, and witches, and this episode was full to bursting with this very engrossing story. But I will start at the beginning.

When we left last episode, Damon and Uncle Mason had discovered the very convenient underground tunnel containing the secret weapon to defeating Klaus. In actuality, the tunnel contained the history of the Original vampire family, which Alaric, Bonnie, and Elena then spend the rest of the episode deciphering. While Alaric translates the inscriptions on the wall, Elena goes to the other primary source, Rebekah.

Elena and Rebekah

I have to admit I've found Rebekah kind of irritating until tonight's episode. I tend to get annoyed when such ancient and supposedly cool creatures like vampires are petty and wrapped up in such trivialities as Homecoming and cheerleading and the like. This episode entirely turned me around, however, as Rebekah (in much the same way as Klaus) desperately wants acceptance, friendship, and purpose in this eternal life with which she has been gifted/cursed.


In any case, it turns out that Michael is Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah's father, and that the family moved to the New World in order to escape plague in the Old World. Upon arrival in their new community, the family discovers werewolves, and later loses its youngest son to an accidental werewolf attack. In order to protect their family, Michael and his wife, the Original witch (sometime I would really like the racial aspect of the witches to be explained; the Original witch is white, but nearly every single other witch is black? What is the deal with this?) conceive of the idea to change their children into vampires, so that they might be safe. I personally think there might be easier ways of protecting one's children, maybe moving them away from a werewolf conclave would be a good start, but apparently Michael's pride disavowed him of such a boring plan. Mama Original turns the family, but in doing so accidentally reveals that Klaus is not the son of Micahael, and that he is actually a potential hybrid. And this is when things get sticky. She rejects her son, as obviously does Micahel, but Rebekah is then told that Michael's rage extends further, and he kills his wife. Later we find out, though, through those wall paintings, that Klaus killed his mother, for abandoning him, and Rebekah's entire world is turned upside down. I can't wait to see what she does next.

Klaus and Rebekah

All of this exposition comes form Elena's long chat with Rebekah, and it must be said that her background in mean girl high school drama definitely serves her well in going up against the Original queen of mean. This was a good episode for Elena, as for once her plans work, she doesn't freak out about dumb stuff, and she doesn't seem to be chasing dumb goals any longer. I'm proud of her.

While all this is going down, Damon has let his brother out of his cage in order to remind him of the glories of freedom. This was awesome. The two Salvatores, for once on similar pages, wreaking a little bit of havoc and being a little bit awful. I thoroughly enjoyed this, as both brothers were in fine form, we got a little bit of male bonding and a little bit of tension, and generally everybody had a pretty good time. That is, until Michael shows up, and threatens everybody involved. I'm interested to see what will happen with Michael and Klaus, as Sebastian Roche is really intimidating and brings a real threatening presence to the show, which I haven't quite felt from Klaus (as Klaus is such a baby sometimes). I really appreciated the idea that it is Damon's love that will save Stefan, rather than Elena's. I have always loved the real strength of the Salvatore brothers' bond, and I'm glad that this has become more of a focus, as Stefan's love for Elena gets a little old sometime.

Overall, this was a stellar episode, entertaining, enlightening, and exciting. This show is everything I've ever wanted.

Grade: A


Is it just me, or are there a lot of Buffy similarities recently? The necklace from weeks past, but also the idea of Mystic Falls as this center for supernatural activity, always, and also the very convenient placement of an underground tunnel with all the answers. I'm just sayin'.

"Pasty and pouty": the Stefan Salvatore story.

This episode had some good, if small, Elena and Damon moments: them fighting toward the beginning was absolutely hilarious, and then the closing scene in bed was simply adorable.

Is it just me, or does this show have a lot of Daddy issues?

The Original family is really messed up.

While I am very very happy to finally understand the mythology of the Originals, I'm still confused about the doppelganger and the Petrovas and etc. Where does that bloodline fit in?

I was so happy to see Elijah! He's even hot with a terrible wig. Please come back soon!

I can't wait til next week!! Homecoming!

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