Hell on Wheels: Season 1, Episode 6
Pride, Pomp, and Circumstance
Hell on Wheels

Man. Are we really only six episodes in? It feels as though an entire season has gone by. Either that or the pace of the show is starting to take its toll on me. Hell on Wheels is a good show. I don't want you to let anyone tell you differently. It isn't like Deadwood and it's not trying to be. It's its own thing and should be enjoyed as such. That doesn't stop me from wanting more from it. At this point in the season, I honestly expected the show would be offering more, in terms of progress, characterization, subtlety, or even just people shooting at each other a lot. It is hard not to be at least a little disappointed by Hell on Wheels, but I am trying to retain faith the show will find its footing.

This was the first episode that we saw Durant really sweat. Not one, but two characters had the upper hand on him. It was interesting to see how he reacted under pressure, which is to say he didn't react much. I'm hopeful that these kind of character interactions will define the show for episodes, and dare I say seasons to come. This is the depth I long for the show to develop more consistently, and if this is the path it eventually heads down, I am confident that the show may yet become compelling television.

I'm reminded of when I started watching Breaking Bad. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season because I didn't know what the following seasons would bring me. I didn't know that my hopes should have been so high. I thought I was watching an entertaining show with a particularly compelling lead performance, when in fact I was watching the opening chapters of one of the great television shows of all time.The first season of Hell on Wheels gives me a similar feeling, leaving me every week moderately satisfied but wanting to expect more. I am not suggesting that Hell on Wheels is the next Breaking Bad, but it's hard to watch any show and not at least hope there's a chance it will make it to greatness, especially a show that could get there if it works out the kinks. The first season of Hell on Wheels is good, but I can see it becoming an amazing show in seasons to come. And I, at least, will be sticking around to see if it happens.

Grade: B


-"I got six bullets. I was just gonna shoot you twice."

-Hell on Wheels has some of the best music on television, appropriate for the tone of the show, but still pretty catchy. Good use of songs also.

-I was a little light on the recap this week, mostly because it was another slow burn of an episode. When things start happening, I'll be the first to let you know.

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