A New Year's Message from Review to Be Named
A New Year's Message
Happy New Year's from all of us at Review to Be Named! As we enter the New Year, I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the multiple ways we plan to continue serving your rabid pop culture appetites in the coming months. To begin with, I wanted to provide you with a rundown of all of the new and continuing features you can expect to see in the coming months:

-Bottle Up and Explode will continue to run every other Sunday, examining bottle episodes and what they tell us about television as a medium.

-It's Been Real will continue to run on alternate Sundays, looking at documentaries.

-Random Pop Culture Question of the Week and Random Pop Culture Top Ten List will continue to alternate Saturdays and give the whole staff the opportunity to get snarky each weekend.

-Look out for a brand new feature, New to Netflix running every monday, in which Alex and Rachel will scour Netflix's watch instantly section to let you know what's streaming, and what among it is worth checking out.

-The brand new feature Civilized Discussions Between Reasonable People will double down on our level of snark, letting two staffers face off on a divisive issue and fight it out every Friday. Look out for the first installment, in which Rachel and I will fight over my favorite film this year, Drive this Friday.

-You can also look forward to being taken back to your childhood with a new feature by Alex, which will examine cartoons past and present, looking at great episodes and asking what they told us then and whether they hold up now.

-Modest Proposals will be a new, sporadic feature that will let staffers sound off on their own ideas about pop culture past, present and future. The first installment will launch this Wednesday, when I will discuss the relationship romantic comedies have to real life (and it isn't none).

-You can also look forward to the return of Confessions: Adventures in the Awesomely Awful, which will change pace, and change writers, taking us for the foreseeable future into the dark space in the guiltiest part of Michael Richardson's mind.

-Keep a look out for Shuffle Diary, which will force each member of the staff, in turn, to give us a tour through their own musical headspace, both good and bad, by sitting back, pressing shuffle, and reporting back on the results.

-Beyond that, you should keep a look out for the return of the Review to Be Named Podcast, which will be coming down the pipeline in the next few weeks (details to follow once they exist in more concrete format).

You can also expect our continuing coverage of television, film, and comics, which we pledge will be as lacking in insight, integrity, and ingenuity as ever. Add to all that expanded music coverage, which you will see in the form of album reviews courtesy of our newly expanded Music Staff. After wrapping up My Year in Lists yesterday, I will be jumping into the fray and reviewing albums on a regular basis. In addition, Ashley will be reviewing albums, and we are excited to welcome our newest music writer, Darren to the Review to Be Named team and are excited to see his thoughts on the musical landscape in the months to come.

Yes, 2012 promises to be quite the year here at Review to Be Named, with new features and old, as well as our continuing coverage and our constant commitment to keeping you abreast of all the best pop culture has to offer you. With all of that out of the way, I just want to take a moment to thank any of you who read us regularly and wish you all a happy, prosperous new year filled with all of the personal and pop cultural delights you could ever wish for. I'm confident it will be a great one.

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