The Vampire Diaries: Season 3, Episode 12
The New Deal
Yay for the return of V Diaries! It's been a long few weeks without my favorite small-town mythical creatures. This week's episode, the first after the craziness of the Homecoming episode, definitely did not disappoint, with at least two attempted deaths, some betrayals, and a new pairing, as well as some long long long awaited kissing. I'm happy!

When we last saw the V Diaries crew, Stefan had thwarted Damon and Elena's elaborate plan to kill Klaus, apparently to save his brother, and then run off with Klaus's family coffin collection in tow, enraging Klaus and ensuring at least another half season's worth of craziness. Damon and Elena were still looking at one another longingly, and the other main couples (Bonnie+Jeremy, Caroline+Tyler) were experiencing some difficulty, to say the least (making out with dead girlfriends and being blindly obedient to homicidal sires are apparently relationship no-nos).

We open "The New Deal" with Bonnie encountering some freaky shit at the old witch house. She's actually asleep, encountering the Klaus family coffin, including a mysterious one that may contain the secret to fixing the Klaus problem for good. Elena, meanwhile, is out on a seriously unladylike jog, where she encounters an incredibly hot stalker, maybe. Turns out, he's another of Klaus's minions, which we learn later, when Klaus confronts Elena and Damon at the Grill, threatening to bring them pain, once again, if they don't locate and give up Stefan and his hidden stash. This scene was very good, reminding us all of Klaus's truly frightening presence, and serving to push Elena and Damon even closer together.

In important bro bonding news, Tyler and Jeremy have apparently begun hanging out in the woods, finding friendship in their mutual girlfriend-less existences. We learn theat Jeremy lost his Grill job, and that he's having some real trouble dealing with the epic shittiness that is his existence, as even a relatively simple Gilbert family dinner ends in an attempted murder planned by Klaus and carried out by Tyler and Klaus's hot new minion, as Jeremy is compelled to stand in front of an approaching car. Alaric saves him, and is killed once again (that guy has died at least ten times at this point), and while his ring saves him from extended death, his injuries are still severe, setting up some worrisome potential problems and allowing us to meet hot doctor, played by Torrey DeVitto, of One Tree Hill (as the terrifying and batshit crazy Nanny Carrie. Here's hoping her character on VD will allow her some psycho moments!) and married-to-Paul-Wesley fame. I'm very excited to see her!

Elena and Damon, after realizing the real threat that is Klaus, head to old witch house, to try to convinve Stefan to give up the coffins. I get that Elena is worried about her brother (and goodness knows I would do a lot to keep my own sisters safe from Klaus, were I in her position), but I think it's so exciting to have something that Klaus wants, to be in a position where he's the one scrambling to keep his shit together. Obviously, VD is very good at plotting, so I'm delighted at this turn of events. Elena leaves after a heated discussion with Stefan, while Damon stays behind for some good clean brother stabbing. It's interesting to see yet another evolution of Stefan's character, as now he's being a dick of his own volition, which is new and different for us to see (at least in the context of the present. We've seen plenty of that in flashbacks). Damon learns of his brother's role in saving him, again, and is suitably annoyed, and the two do some plotting, the results of which I'm sure we'll see in weeks to come.
The center of this episode, I think, is still Jeremy, who saves Alaric's life by first shooting Klaus's new minion (I didn't catch his name. He was very attractive though. I'm sad to see him go so soon), and then by CHOPPING OFF HIS HEAD WITH A BUTCHER KNIFE. Damn, Jer, getting pretty hardcore there, I'd say. Elena, in a great bit of acting by Nina Dobrev, pours out her heart to Damon, feeling guilt and regret for what her brother's life has become (he's sixteen! I forgot that.) Thus, Alaric, Elena, and Damon come to the conlcuion that the best way to save Jeremy is to compel him and send him to Denver, where he can be normal. While I am sad to see him go, expecially as he is becoming such a badass, I look forward to an awesome return sometime hopefully in the nearish future.

This was quite a return, full of all the lovely craziness that I adore about V Diaries. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Grade: A


-Klaus killing Rebekah again was not much of a surprise, though I kind of wanted to see the two of them engage in some kind of epic fight. He's all alone, again, which is the thing he hates the most. We'll see what that does to him.

-No Caroline or Matt in this episode. That is sad.

-Bonnie+Stefan is an interesting, and hopefully fruitful partnership (in terms of messing with Klaus. Not in other, weirder ways)

-And I forgot, YAY FINALLY ELENA AND DAMON KISSED YAY! SO long in coming. I'm happy it finally happened, though I hope they don't get all gross or anything.
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