Review: Zombieland
In your standard zombie movies, the characters are faced with multitudes of difficult issues. Monsters are being made out of their fellow men, those who are still human are likely raiding the planet for all the food and weaponry they can find, and apocalyptic bleakness pervades the atmosphere. This is not the case in Zombieland a hysterical riff on the standard zombie tropes that sees the fun in the slow extinction of mankind.

Columbus (played with charming unease by Jessie Eisenberg) is the overly cautious type, with a list of rules that have helped him avoid becoming one of the undead hordes that stalk the countryside. He is a loner by trade, and has no issues being by himself, until he runs across the gun-toting badass Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson, whose pitch-perfect timing never misses a step), whose obsession with Twinkies is only topped by his penchant for inventive ways of murdering the undead. The two are soon joined by a pair of hustling sisters (Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin) and the newly formed gang decides to head to a supposedly zombie free amusement park near Los Angeles.

Along the way they learn a lot about the importance of family, how to enjoy the little things, how to perfectly utilize a celebrity cameo (whose identity I will not reveal so as to not spoil the surprise), and the best ways to kill hordes of the undead.

If you walk into Zombieland expecting a hilarious road comedy with some inventive and gruesome zombie deaths along the way, you will leave far from disappointed. The film steers entirely clear of many of the issues that might have felled its comedic outlook. The world is already so zombified its protagonists need not worry about other raiding parties or a shortage of food or ammunition. All they need to worry about is how to crack wise, and how best to kill masses of the undead.

Grade: B+
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