Modest Proposals
Modest Proposals is a recurring chance for a rotating stable of Review to Be Named writers to sound off on pop culture at large, presenting ideas, theories, or observations about areas of pop culture that might not fit comfortably into our other running features. These ideas might not always be right. You might not always agree with them. Even the writer might consider them patently absurd. But this is Modest Proposals, and these are things worth thinking about.

For ease of navigation, below you will find a collection of the past installments of Modest Proposals. Enjoy!

It's Miley's Mouth, She Can Say What She Wants To

On Multi-Player Implementation and the Nature of Video Games

Spike's VGA's Really Knocked it Out of the Park This Year

Everything in Its Right Place: Why Year-End Lists are Almost as Important as They are Irrelevant

Thoughts on Time's All Time Top 100 Video Games list

Has the sun finally set on Eastern RPGs?

How I Met Your Mother and the Problem of Raised Expectations

Romantic Comedies May Be More "Realistic" Than We Think

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