The Invincible Iron Man #512
The Invincible Iron Man #512
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Matt Fraction
Penciler: Salvador Larroca

The Invincible Iron Man is one of those books that is so good month in and month out, that you begin to take it for granted after awhile. Matt Fraction has ushered in an Iron Man renaissance. Not content with offering a complete deconstruction, reconstruction, and deconstruction of Stark, showing just how flawed and fascinating he can be, and completely revitalizing the supporting cast, Fraction has turned his attentions to Iron Man's often maligned Rogues Gallery and appears to be hell bent on turning each and every one of them into a credible threat, one mort at a time.

This issue features Tony Stark reeling from last issue's battle with the Living Laser, as part of the Mandarin and Ezekial Stane's larger campaign. Meanwhile, powerful authorities are beginning to question whether Stark should be allowed to wear the Iron Man Armor in lieu of his alcoholic relapse. Fraction is weaving an intricate narrative, that is equal parts political intrigue and science fiction. In a lot of ways, Tony Stark has become the new Matt Murdock of the Marvel Universe, as his professional, personal, and super hero lives keep getting worse.

Salvador Larroca should be applauded for making The Invincible Iron Man one of the most visually consistent books at Marvel and in Comics in general of the last decade. As always the super hero action scenes and tech heavy sequences fair much better than conversations between characters. While Larroca's grasp of anatomy and choreography is impressive, the emotiveness of characters definitely leaves something to be desired. His Iron Man figure work is something else entirely as his style is uniquely suited to the fluidity of Stark's new bio-armor.

The third act of Matt Fraction's The Invincible Iron Man is really heating up, and fans of political intrigue and cutting edge theoretical science, hell, fans of top quality smart comics would do well to catch up quickly.

Grade: A-


-"They're trying to help me. They're gonna kill me."

-"Target? Are you ready?" "No. Why am I here? And I have a name, Ms. Cabe. The target's name is Tim."

-"I'm sorry, did you say 'crazy'? I confess I always found your father simply stupid."

-"Rhodes, we're the United States Armed Forces. Do you really think Tony Stark would know out a so-called "event" before we would?"
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