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The Watchtower is a weekly column, commenting on the biggest and strangest comic news and rumors of the week. Each column will include noteworthy books scheduled for release that same week. As always comments and discussion are welcome. Until I think of something better, news items will be titled by HORRIBLE puns and word play.

52 Switch Up!
We've already seen a number of creative teams announce they will exit their DC New 52 books after the first arc wraps, and as I commented last week, conflict between writers and editorial could be a big motivating factor here. Today brought an announcement that is both cool and kind of baffling. Peter Milligan is leaving Justice League Dark to take over Stormwatch, Jeff Lemire is leaving Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. to take over Justice League Dark, and My Greatest Adventure co-writer Matt Kindt will take over Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.. Milligan can best be described as uneven, but I think he is a GREAT choice for Stormwatch given his knack for dark humor, ultra violence, and off beat super heroics as best displayed by his fan favorite X-Statix. I don't really know that much about Matt Kindt, but I have a feeling Jeff Lemire will be missed by fans of Frankenstein as I was hearing a lot of positive buzz about this book. The bigger question that this brings up is, why the change? Maybe both writers saw a more appealing gig. Or, because JLD was an average performer, while Frankenstein was not exactly selling like hot cakes, perhaps DC wanted to get the critically acclaimed Lemire onto the safer ground that was a title safer from cancellation due to it's Justice League branding, and start grooming Matt Kindt on a title in it's twilight. Or maybe constant change in creative teams is DC's way of making the books continually feel new and fresh (I really hope this isn't the reason, I like to get invested in long form storytelling on books). Whatever the reason, I'm actually excited to see what these writers will do with their new assignments. The creative shuffle happens in May.

Quivering With Anticipation
Apparently the CW is developing a pilot for a non-Smallville related Green Arrow television series titled simply Arrow. From what I've read of the character descriptions released in the casting call, there are some significant differences between the comic version and the proposed tv adaptation version of the character (specifically adding some family members) but on the positive side, the core defining characteristics of the character seem more intact here than in his New 52 incarnation (eschewing his wealth in order to become a crusader for the little guy). The pilot is being helmed by Marc Guggenheim and Greg Burlanti. Yes they gave us the train wreck that was the Green Lantern film, but they were also responsible for the under-viewed but entertaining (at least I've been told) Eli Stone and Brothers and Sisters. At the moment I'm cautiously optimistic. Very, very cautiously.

And that's it! Be sure to check out these titles in stores tomorrow!
Action Comics #6 (The conclusion of Grant Morrison's new origin for the Man of Steel)
Stormwatch #6 (Paul Cornell's last issue! Sob!)
Swamp Thing #6
Amazing Spider-Man #679
Defenders #3
Winter Soldier #1 (Brubaker returns to write Bucky and the espionage side of the Marvel Universe)
Fatale #2
Rachel Rising #5
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